Welcome to Happy Buys, the Amazon Pay editorial series formerly known as Possible with Pay. The concept is still the same – we’re highlighting great products from incredible merchants, all offering Amazon Pay at checkout – but we’ve thrown in just an extra dash of joy. Take a look! 

Your pets are some of the more demanding members of your family, but you no longer have to guess what they want or need. We’re curating a list of some of the best pet products that you can shop now with Amazon Pay, selecting some of our favourite brands that cater to your furry friends.

Whether you’re spending weekends in the stables or chasing after a teething puppy, shopping to keep them happy with innovative, easy-to-use products has never been simpler. Just peruse our favourite merchants for pet food, pet supplies and pet toys, then check out with Amazon Pay, so you can get back to giving your furry friends all the attention they need.

TheOriginalMuckBootCompany_UnisexForagerTallBootsUnisex Forager Tall Boots | The Original Muck Boot Company

Trade in your old wellies for a pair of Forager Tall Boots by The Original Muck Boot Company. No more chafing or discomfort – these boots are designed to fit you perfectly with adjustable closures and three different heights. They’re also suitable for all-day wear and lightweight travel, making them the perfect companion to take on adventures alongside your furry friend.

LordsLabradorsHighWallSavannaBedForDogsSavannaOatmealHigh Wall Savanna Bed for Dogs Savanna Oatmeal | Lords & Labradors

Your dog deserves the best, and when it comes to pet supplies, that means the High Wall Savanna Bed from Lords & Labradors. The soft, lined bed promises top-tier comfort that your dog will barely want to leave. They also offer personalisation, from colour choice to size – you can even get it customised with their name to make the ultimate accessory.

AllPetsSolution_ModernCutLitterBoxModern Cat Litter Box White/Grey | All Pet Solutions

Not all pet supplies are glamorous, but the Modern Cat Litter Box from All Pet Solutions is the closest a litter box can get. Unlike others, this innovative, modern design makes it at home in any room. It’s also built deep enough to accommodate cats of any size and age, and even contains a filter to eliminate odours.

Trespass_DustyGroomingBrushAndShampooDispenserDusty Grooming Brush and Shampoo Dispenser | Trespass

The best pet products make life easier for you and your furry friend, just like the Dusty Grooming Brush and Shampoo Dispenser from Trespass. Take the hassle out of grooming with an easy, post-walk way to shampoo your dog. It also massages and stimulates their skin for the ultimate brushing experience. And in case they mistake it for a pet toy, or even pet food, it’s made of non-toxic materials to keep your furry friend safe.

InsectLore_ButterflyGardenHomeSchoolEditionButterfly Garden Home School Edition | Insect Lore

Have the unique experience of watching a butterfly metamorphise right from your home, with the Butterfly Garden Home School Edition from Insect Lore. The butterfly habitat lets you watch butterflies emerge from their chrysalides. The learning guide illustrates each stage of the process, making this kit perfect for young ones. The entire process takes three to five weeks before you release the beautiful creatures into the wild.

AllPondSolutions_Tropical-ColdWaterAquariumLEDLights310-1150mmTropical/Cold Water Aquarium LED Lights 310-1150mm | All Pond Solutions

Vying to be the coolest pet parent with all the right pet products? Level up your home aquarium with the LED Lights from All Pond Solutions. These unique LED lights add another element of excitement to your fish’s home. They’re easy to install but make a big impact. Bonus points if you match the lights to your decor.

Whatever your furry friend needs, Amazon Pay makes it easy to find the best pet products and have them delivered to your doorstep with no hassle. Just use Amazon Pay at checkout, and you’ll instantly be on your way to enjoying your time with your pet while taking care of all of their needs.

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