This festive season is more important than ever if you’re seeing family and friends you’ve missed, so your gifts better meet the bar. But finding unique, personal gifts your loved ones will treasure can often prove challenging. One of the best ways to find easy success? By shopping small and supporting community artisans. But shopping small doesn’t have to mean traipsing around Main Street — with Amazon Pay, you can discover and shop small businesses from around the world to cater to different needs.

You’ll also be making a big impact when you shop small with Amazon Pay’s Holiday Guide. This festive season, we’re sharing some minority-owned businesses that are doing good in the world. Discover and support businesses that are giving back to their local communities without the hassle of searching for small businesses, or even getting up to pay. Using Amazon Pay, you’ll be able to check out easily and securely with the information stored in your Amazon account, then enjoy the great products you get just by doing good with your wallet.

Brighten your daily routine

Editorial_Inline_1Coffee Selection Gift Box | New Kings Coffee

For the caffeine enthusiasts in your life, this Coffee Selection Gift Box from New Kings Coffee should be a go-to gift this festive season. This pack comes with four signature selections — light roast, medium roast, dark roast, and decaf — ensuring you’ll find the perfect flavour profile to suit everyone’s taste.

ShopSmall2021_Editorial_Inline_2Manual Brewer | Joy Resolve

Elevate your loved one’s coffee and tea brewing game with Joy Resolve’s Manual Brewer. Crafted from sustainably sourced wood, borosilicate glass, and stainless-steel parts, the brewer is sure to provide a satisfying and calming ritual for anyone in search of the perfect brew.

ShopSmall2021_Editorial_Inline_3Bamboo Reusable Coffee Cup | Grind

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting a Grind espresso bar or restaurant, then you’re well acquainted with this delightful takeaway cup. You and yours can now own a bamboo reusable version of that same iconic design, all while feeling good about a Christmas gift that is eco-friendly, organically sourced, and completely biodegradable.

Pamper yourself

ShopSmall2021_Editorial_Inline_4Personalised White Forest Candle | The Chateau

Now serving as a magical venue for formal events and weddings, the 12th-century Chateau is known not only for its remarkable setting, but also its otherworldly aromas, crafted from the estate’s rich gardens. This candle captures those fragrances — fresh green pine needle with notes of mandarin and bergamot, fir balsam, eucalyptus, geranium, fine cedar, patchouli, and a hint of white musk.

ShopSmall2021_Editorial_Inline_6Calm Down Petal Powder Facial Cleanser | Crush N Mix

This facial cleanser is sure to tap into anyone’s chill zone, particularly during one of the most hectic times of the year. Suitable for all skin types and especially beneficial for dry skin, Crush N Mix’s cleanser is a non-irritating way to cleanse the face, rejuvenate the skin, and soak in the chamomile calm.

ShopSmall2021_Editorial_Inline_5BC Organic Body Brush Tampico | BC Organic

Amazon Pay and BC Organic want to bring holiday shoppers some serious self-care this season — and this body brush is just the ticket. Crafted to firm your body, reduce cellulite, and relax your mind, the brush’s bristles are made of agave fibres that are meant to be used regularly — weekly at first and eventually daily.

Sweet dreams, baby

ShopSmall2021_Editorial_Inline_8Snuggle Hunny Kids - Lemon Jersey Wrap & Beanie | Emmy & Sebby

There is no better source of peace of mind for a parent than the sight of their baby, snuggled and sleeping in an adorable wrap. This cotton Jersey Wrap is soft and stretchy, paired with a matching beanie for optimal warmth and comfort. It’s the perfect gift for an expecting mum or new parents.

ShopSmall2021_Editorial_Inline_7Satin Sleep Mask, Hair Scrunchie & Pillowcase Set - Pink | SMUG.

Long, productive days should be paired with longer restful nights. This gorgeous bedtime set will give your lucky giftee a glamourous and peaceful new nighttime routine. The satin mask, scrunchie, and pillowcase are stunningly soft and the perfect additions to make the bedroom a haven for relaxation and sleep.

ShopSmall2021_Editorial_Inline_9Tyranno Suit | My Little Monkey

Shop small while melting the heart of a special parent with the cutest baby jumpsuit ever. The Tyranno Suit has a dinosaur spike design and is lavishly soft and loose fitting for all types of movement. There is also a front zip for easy access and quick changes for every prehistoric bundle of joy.

Inspo ideas for creative people

ShopSmall2021_Editorial_Inline_010Ethnic ‘Aztec’ Silver Bangle | Kompsós

A truly elegant, simple, and authentic gift, this men’s bangle is inspired by Aztec design, featuring hammered sterling silver with handcrafted drawings. This adjustable-sized piece is a great gift that elicits the feelings of life abroad, no matter where it’s worn.

Editorial_Inline_011_Updated_v2Grey Glitter Star | Ivy & Bee

This grey glittery star-shaped decoration is a beautiful addition to any tree. Made from recycled paper, this handcrafted star is meant to brighten any room and fill your home with the holiday spirit to make it a memorable, joyful season. 

ShopSmall2021_Editorial_Inline_012Holly Wreath | Alice Cunliffe Design

When a cookie-cutter gift isn’t enough to express what someone means to you, try for something customized. This oak-framed, hand-painted holly wreath on a white mount is versatile and ready to fit virtually any home. Best of all, you can personalise your gift with special names, dates, or quotes.

Shop small to discover all these unique, innovative finds and more. With Amazon Pay, speed through checkout so you can spend more time browsing the Holiday Guide to discover new, great brands to support.

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