By now, we all know the importance of having a good morning routine. Yet many of us still jump out of bed as late as possible, gulp down our morning cuppa on the go, and start the working day. While hitting snooze and sleeping in might feel good in the moment, chaotic mornings set us up for chaotic days, doing more harm than good — not just to you, but to the planet.

Most homeware, such as our beloved coffee brewers, is made of unsustainable materials and mass-produced without care for the environment. Don’t worry — we’re not asking you to skip your morning caffeine fix. Instead, think of it as an opportunity to be more mindful about every aspect of your coffee routine. Joy Resolve makes it easy, and luxe, to have a more thoughtful caffeine habit. The lifestyle and homeware brand is passionate about improving your life without doing harm to nature.

Joy Resolve makes responsible home products from sustainable materials. At every step of their process, they choose to innovate with an eye for both convenience and care. The result: a vast array of lifestyle goods — from personal tech to coffee brewers — that optimise your day without sacrificing a commitment to sustainability.

Start your day off right

MerchantSpotlight_JoyResolveUK_Editorial_Inline_2At Joy Resolve, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword or a marketing tool. It’s a way of life. True sustainability comes from breaking out of daily habits that are neither efficient nor intentional, as well as avoiding the lure of excess. On a mission to help everyone make that shift, Joy Resolve crafts products that are built to last, infusing every part of your day with quality, innovative tools that you don’t have to constantly replace.

Their holistic approach to sustainability encompasses everything from their design process to their ethical manufacturing. Embracing value-driven production means operating sweatshop-free, recycling materials, minimising waste and designing responsibly. Joy Resolve is also committed to being transparent about their processes, listening to their community as they continue to evolve and grow.

About the founders

MerchantSpotlight_JoyResolveUK_Editorial_Inline_1Joy Resolve started with a passion for change. It all started with a crowdfunding campaign by co-founder Josh Renouf. Seeing the need for a more efficient way to start the morning, Renouf invented The Barisieur, a hybrid alarm clock and coffee machine.

The idea was simple, and answered the very big question, what if you didn’t have to get out of bed to start your morning coffee routine? The product quickly picked up traction on Kickstarter for its game-changing functionality as well as its sustainable mission, proving you really can have it all.

After sending off his first set of Barisieurs, Renouf decided to celebrate with a drink and ended up meeting Markus Perkumas, the soon-to-be co-founder of Joy Resolve who helped him turn The Barisieur into a brand. Renouf and Perkumas’ friendship started the way all great friendships do: in a pub. After bonding over a few pints and their love for tech and sustainable products, the two decided to jump into business together.

Together, the two took their ideas from pub talk to a line of products that bring tangible, sustainable solutions to consumers. The team started small — Renouf in London, Perkumas working while travelling in a caravan. But as the vision grew and the mission resonated with a wider and wider consumer base, they planted roots in London and built up a passionate team to help make their vision a reality, bringing more efficient and ethical essentials to everyone.

Better mornings, afternoons and evenings with Joy Resolve

Among Joy Resolve’s lineup of life-hacking products, The Barisieur is still a fan favourite. And it’s easy to see why — imagine the joy of waking up every morning to the sound of bubbling water, the smell of a freshly brewed pot, followed by the taste of your hot brew from your bed.

Even the nightly ritual of setting up your coffee or tea helps you wind down, giving you more structure before bed. Combined with the slow waking that prepares you for your day, The Barisieur ritual ensures you’re getting the most out of your coffee routine — one that leaves you refreshed rather than anxious and jittery.


Since launching in 2018, Joy Resolve hasn’t stopped with just The Barisieur. They’ve built a wide range of products to help your mornings do more. Another favourite is the Manual Brewer. The convenient daily companion is ideal for a midday burst of energy or your (home) office caffeine fix. Keep it on your desk for a beautiful and compact addition to your work setup. Serve yourself brews throughout the day so you’ll never be without a cuppa, and you’ll never have to resort to wasteful, paper to-go cups for your midday fix.

MerchantSpotlight_JoyResolveUK_Editorial_Inline_3To give you the most out of your coffee routine, Joy Resolve partners with coffee company AllPress to guarantee you get a quality cup from your Barisieur. The hand-picked blend uses finer grains than usual to pair with the Barisieur’s speedy stainless steel mesh filter, getting the most flavour in the least amount of time. You can also sign up for an AllPress subscription through Joy Resolve, so you always have a pack of your new-favourite blend on hand.

Joy Resolve gives you time back in your day with their innovative, efficient products, letting you change up your daily routine by shopping smarter. With Amazon Pay, you can shop smarter and faster by paying with the information already stored in your Amazon account. Check out quickly and securely to make purchases you can feel good about, without any added chaos or hassle. Visit Joy Resolve to elevate your day.

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