It’s the third and final day of Money 2020 Europe – and the entire experience has been productive, interesting, enlightening, and fun. A few stand out themes during day 3 centered around issues of diversity, inclusiveness, and equality that are top of mind for any company striving to make a mark – Money 2020 delivered on these areas of interest and concern. As we close out the event, after two full days sharing exceprts across the conference, we wanted to share a few takeaways and highlights from members of the Amazon Pay team who attended the event this week.

Rise Up is empowering women in fintech. Rise Up is amazing program where 30 women are invited to participate in an exclusive Money 2020 agenda dedicated to empowerment, learning, and mentoring. It was designed to both empower women and address concerns of diversity in financial services and fintech. I was fortunate to be invited to address this amazing group of women on the issue of work-life balance or as I like to say, achieving work-life harmony. This is a complex challenge for most families – and in my view it’s important that we transition this from a “women’s issue” to a family issue. We had a compelling conversation about the importance of childcare and finding the right solution for your family. My advice, pay as much as you can, it is your crucial most investment.

- Leah Holzman, Global Head of Marketing Communications, Amazon Pay

I have been to many Money20/20 events and this one truly exceeded expectations with a creative theme (alchemy and magic) which made the whole event fun and engaging!

- Catalina Geib, Marketing Manager, Amazon Pay

It was great to see how our Productivity lounge was in constant use by many visitors. I thought this was a great way to engage with them directly and we could even organise ad hoc meetings with senior payments executives that way.

- Daniel Lemke, Solution Architect, Amazon Pay

The event continues to bring the top payment service providers with industry seniority. For us, it saves weeks of effort in organising and meeting businesses. This year was more about advancing existing relationships rather than developing new ones.

- Ramsay Hanafi, Senior Channel Partner Manager, Amazon Pay

The most interesting part about Money 20/20 for me, was that across all presentations that included Amazon Pay speakers, we kept the focus on the customer. Outside of our own sessions, I really enjoyed the panel discussion about Innovation labs being an Oxymoron. The bottom line is that there are good arguments both against and in support of an Innovation Lab in an organisation, one size doesn’t fit all. The key is to identify which kind of organisation you are, and based on that, if innovation is better fostered within the boundaries of an innovation lab or across the everyday initiatives of the organisation.

- Roberto Carisi, Multi-channel Innovation lead

[Voice is] new era in commerce. It is akin to what happened with mobile maybe 10 years ago, or even with eCommerce 20 years ago. It’s really the introduction of a new way of engaging with consumer. What’s interested us with voice is the level of natural engagement in the moment that we can achieve.

- Patrick Gauthier, VP of Amazon Pay