eufy makes your smart home safer, simpler, and more customisable

Built on the idea of safety and simplicity, eufy leads the way in connected, seamless home security technology.

Sometimes setting up a smart home can make even the most tech-savvy among us feel less than smart – connecting both home security systems and smart products can prove a daunting task. Thanks to eufy, a leader in the smart home space, the technology that keeps our homes safer, cleaner, and more streamlined is also a breeze to set up, with select eufy products connecting to Amazon Alexa.

eufy, an Anker Innovations company, is bringing residents and homeowners into the light, with solutions that keep customers and their families protected. Advancements in security-focused products provide consumers with the ability to equip their homes with multiple tools to increase home safety that also help residents save money.

Smart home security: getting started


There are many options when shopping eufy Security’s suite of offerings. One of the first places to start is by looking into camera options to monitor outside your home. The eufyCam 2 is not only reliable with 365-day battery life, but it also provides crisp 1080p resolution, and advanced night vision. True to eufy Security’s dedication to ease in installation, the eufyCam 2 is completely wireless and can be set up for indoor and outdoor use with ease to keep an eye on your home, rain or shine.

Another way to help to secure your home is with the Motion Sensor. This home alarm system provides accurate and adjustable motion detection with the ability to access a 100-degree field-of-view, up to 30 feet away. It only takes minutes to install and you can enjoy up to two years of battery life for round-the-clock security.

Leaving the home, stress free


eufy Security creates a user-friendly system to calm your nerves while you’re away on holiday or business trips. All eufy Security products can be accessed, enabled, and monitored through the mobile app, providing you with a way to remotely check on your home, family, and pets. And, with the frequent introduction of new products such as the FloodlightCam 2 Pro, which provides 360-degree coverage, users are more in touch with activity around their home than ever before.


For those tired of changing the battery, eufy Security also offers solar-powered technology in the SoloCam S40. Just two hours of sunlight provides continuous power while the built-in AI ensures recordings are taken only when a person is present, rather than an animal or other objects.

Customise your security

So what does this all mean for your home security needs? Well, eufy Security gives you the ability to customise your own bundle method. You can build your own system by searching for desired product categories (cameras, video doorbells, baby monitors, smart locks, alarms, etc.) or by the type of property where you reside. By choosing a home type (house or flat), property size (small, medium, or large), and a number of entry doors (up to 10), eufy Security’s site can make recommendations best suited for you.

Whether you live in a flat or house, alone or with others, eufy Security’s offerings help you make your home safer and smarter than ever. The ease of installation and seamless connectivity between their products, your phone and your Amazon Alexa makes eufy Security feel like the newest member of your family. While we’re on the topic of ease and security, don’t forget to check out using Amazon Pay to link to your account. Keep an eye out for the button to ensure a “smart” checkout.