Not only do sunglasses keep the sun at bay, but they exude glamour. Whatever look customers want to sport, with more than 100 top designer brands from which to choose, OPTI.FASHION provides just the right fashion statement. The biggest online store for luxury and designer sunglasses in the world, OPTI.FASHION’s website attracts more than 1 million unique visitors every year with a majority of customers based in Europe, particularly in the UK, Germany, France, Spain and Italy.

Over half of OPTI.FASHION’s online customers access the website using mobile devices requiring a responsive and easy-to-use website. To increase the size of its customer base and encourage shoppers to complete their purchases, OPTI.FASHION integrated Amazon Pay into its site. The result has been a faster checkout experience, higher conversions, as well as increased trust and security.

Fast Checkout, Swift Checkouts

OPTI.FASHION implemented Amazon Pay in less than two weeks, easily integrating the payment solution into its website. Since introducing Amazon Pay, the purchasing process has become a lot quicker for customers than the standard checkout. Shoppers can pay with the information already stored in their Amazon account, checking out with just a few clicks. Moreover, the checkout process takes place entirely on OPTI.FASHION’s site – without redirecting customers to an external webpage – which can boost confidence in the transaction.

Higher Conversion Rates

Following the integration of Amazon Pay’s fast and smooth checkout option, conversion rates across the board have grown by 26%—with the increase in some countries as high as 35%. Overall, cart abandonments have dropped by 8%, and abandonments are as much as 40% lower than some of the other payment methods offered on the site.

Security and Trust

Amazon Pay has also helped improve customer trust, while increasing security. OPTI.FASHION believes customers know and trust the Amazon brand, increasing their willingness to make purchases. In addition, Amazon Pay is backed by Amazon’s leading fraud protection technology, giving OPTI.FASHION greater peace of mind that the business is protected from fraudulent transactions.

An Increasingly Popular Payment Option

Amazon Pay has quickly become the preferred alternative payment method for OPTI.FASHION customers beyond their native checkout. Two months after implementing Amazon Pay, 27% of all payments were made using this method. In Germany, Amazon Pay is already the number one payment option, and it’s the second most popular choice in both Spain and Austria. OPTI.FASHION expects Amazon Pay’s popularity to continue to grow over time.

With Amazon Pay, OPTI.FASHION has improved the checkout experience and increased shopper satisfaction—ultimately positioning the company for future growth.

I would recommend Amazon Pay without hesitation. We are very satisfied we adopted Amazon Pay among our payment options and would encourage other companies to do so. It has helped us to enhance customer trust and reach new customers, both of which are critical to our business.


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