Seedlip is a two-year old company creating distilled non-alcoholic spirits, offering those who are abstaining with a significant upgrade to their drink options. 

When Seedlip debuted at the UK’s upscale Selfridges department stores in late 2015, the demand proved overwhelming. Their first batch of 1,000 bottles sold out in three weeks. The next 1,000 cleared the shelves in just three days. 

Over the last three years Seedlip has grown from a one-man startup to a global brand, available throughout Europe and North America. That rapid growth was nurtured by technology and services from Shopify and Amazon Pay.

“Amazon Pay was really simple to set up, it works, and people trust it,” Ben Branson, Seedlip’s founder, said. “I think having that badge at checkout on our website -- it’s really powerful.”

After implementing Amazon Pay, Seedlip’s checkout time was reduced 60%.

And the numbers bear that out: After implementing Amazon Pay, Seedlip’s checkout time was reduced 60 %. The number of customers using Amazon Pay rose to 50 % of shoppers after only two months, and purchase conversion rate went up approximately 30 % compared with the three months prior. 

Learn more about how Seedlip leverages Amazon Pay to power their booming business in the video below:




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