For many of us, the holidays are a time when we spend a significant amount of our days and nights thinking about others. Whether it’s finding the perfect gift for that special someone, attending holiday parties, or hosting family gatherings, ‘tis the season to celebrate and share. 

Thankfully for non-profit organisations, a common tradition during this season of giving also includes donations. The act of giving to others, whether it is time or money, increases dramatically during this time of year—and the statistics bear this out. According to digital marketing agency Nonprofits Source, 30 % of all charitable giving happens in December. Even more remarkably, 10 % of all annual giving happens on the last three days of the year. 

However, not every non-profit is well equipped to deal with harried holiday shoppers who want to "give and go". In fact, the number of would-be givers who abandon donations during checkout averages a whopping 82 % worldwide, according to behavioural marketing firm SaleCycle. 

The number of would-be givers who abandon a donation during checkout averages a whopping 82 % worldwide.

That’s a significant loss in donations due to a complicated, lengthy, or seemingly unsecure checkout process. At Amazon, we’re committed to helping fix that. 

Donate with Amazon Pay

We’re working to make charitable fundraising quick, easy, and effective, for both the donor and charity, by offering simple tools to make giving and receiving as easy as the decision to donate. 

Non-profits can enable an Amazon Pay Donate button in their checkout process. Through this offering, donors don’t have to worry about remembering their password from the last time they donated or fill out an endless series of forms. All they have to do is click on the button, designate an amount, and the contribution is made using the credentials and payment information stored in their Amazon account.

Use your voice to make a difference

We’ve also made the process of donating to the charity of your choice even easier by enabling charitable donations with Alexa. Non-profits that enable Alexa Donations, allow donations to be made simply with the donor’s voice. With Alexa, donor’s can be confident their donations are made securely—all with the power of their voice. Watch to learn more.

We’re already working with more than 180 non-profits to offer Alexa Donations -- incredible organisations such as the American Heart Association, City Harvest, Doctors Without Borders, and many, many more. You can see the full list of participating organisations here

For the next 26 days, we’ll be featuring some of these incredible organisations including:

ALS Association
American Red Cross
Feeding America
Save the Children 
American Heart Association
British Heart Foundation
St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
Wikimedia Foundation 

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With more than 300 million worldwide active Amazon accounts1, and over 100 million Amazon Prime members worldwide, we’re helping non-profits gain access to an enormous group of potential donors. Together, we can #payitforward.

1Active customer accounts represent accounts that have placed a paid order during the preceding twelve month period.

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