Sponsored by Amazon Pay and organised by the ecommerce platform Visualsoft, the annual Think Bigger Conference took place on 13th February 2020 in Salford, UK. The event saw 130 attendees and aimed to inspire retailers to think big and consider new, out-of-the-box avenues to grow their business online. Boasting a strong partnership with Amazon since 2012, Visualsoft was one of the first ecommerce platforms to offer Amazon Pay, fine-tuning a seamless integration process over the years.

The conference program included talks by industry giants like Ebay and Facebook, and of course Amazon Pay, which delivered a session focused on the importance of voice technology for the future of retail. As discussed in our narrative, as we enter the third era of connected commerce, getting to know new emerging channels and how to adopt innovative tools early is key to future-proofing a business’ success.

As voice technology can enhance the customer journey with richer, deeper and more meaningful communications, adopting it could lead to more robust connections between potential customers and your brand. When it comes to persuasion, nothing is more powerful than one-to-one voice communication.

Since the release of the Alexa in 2015, when voice search traffic was negligible, voice search traffic has increased to 50 billion monthly searches. Our prediction is that by 2023 over 20% of consumers will be likely to purchase a product or service using only voice.

Another added value of voice is being able to complete the purchase seamlessly through Alexa Skills with Amazon Pay, using payment information already stored in the customer’s Amazon account. When users do not have to leave the voice experience to source their credit card details or double-check the shipping address, the shopping experience becomes thoroughly seamless.

If you want to know more about how to integrate Amazon Pay on your Visualsoft supported digital store, and increase your exposure to millions of Amazon customers worldwide, start with this guide.

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