To make our customer’s financial reconcilliation process easier for merchants, Amazon Pay is now taking iterative steps to provide a new and improved experience in the following years.

As the first step, we are excited to announce the launch of the “Transaction View” on Seller Central. Key benefits include:

  1. Ability to link an aggregate EUR/GBP amount to your transactions
  2. Consolidated view of all your transactions and fees within a custom date range
  3. Customisable, filtered views of transactions based on transaction type
  4. Downloadable transaction report
  5. User friendly navigation between tabs to see your statements and transactions view

This new experience allows you to quickly navigate through your financial reporting in Seller Central to understand the underlying transactions that make up the statement total amount in the following areas: income, refunds, A-to-z Guarantee claims, and chargebacks. 

Why are we launching with this new transaction view?

We continue to hear from our merchants that there is an opportunity to improve Amazon Pay’s financial reporting experience. In order to address this concern, we are striving to develop tools that provide a self-service experience for all Amazon Pay merchants.

What’s the new experience?

Seller Central Statement View - This new view allows you to click the subtotal to understand the breakdown and individual transactions tied to it.

Seller Central Transaction View - You can access the transaction view from the statement tab, and directly in the transaction view tab. You can now filter by a custom date rage or transaction types to help reconcile your finances for any given period.

What are the other future improvements we will be making to financial reporting?

While our releases are still being finalised, we are investing further effort into improving financial reporting, exploring a consolidated PDF summary report as well as ways to integrate our reporting into other accounting systems. Please stay tuned on the upcoming launches.

To learn more about our reporting functionality, visit our help guide.

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