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Let’s go beyond just speed and convenience. Amazon Pay offers a secure checkout experience backed by Amazon’s technology, innovation, and best-in-class risk management services.


Amazon Pay is helping merchants and shoppers move beyond their borders with multi-currency. The functionality only charges customers the exact foreign currency and amount they see on the website, with merchants receiving streamlined disbursement through their base currency. Read more.

Benefits for all

Small to medium businesses

Small to medium businesses

Make it easy for Amazon account holders to check out on your site.
Large enterprises

Large enterprises

Drive business with a flexible online payment service that can be adapted for custom environments.

Partner program

Increase your exposure to Amazon customer base as part of our partner program.

Achieve checkout optimisation with an online payment solution that hundreds of millions of customers know and trust.

Reasons for cart abandonment

Reducing cart abandonment
Lack of trust with credit card information

By the numbers

Amazon Pay can help merchants address the top reasons for cart abandonment1.
Online payment solutions

Let shoppers pay their way

online payment option


Amazon Pay is a fast and easy online payment solution that works seamlessly with your site.
mobile payment


Amazon Pay is optimised for mobile, so shoppers can check out right from their device.
voice payment


With Amazon Pay for Alexa Skills, shopping can be even more convenient for your customers. Just ask Alexa.

Reasons to believe

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1Checkout Optimization and Reducing Abandonments (2017), Baymard Institute, commissioned by Amazon Pay.