Amazon Pay Checkout v2

A modernized web checkout technology that significantly streamlines the customer experience and is easy on your technical resources.

What is Checkout v2?
Checkout v2 is Amazon Pay’s next generation checkout technology. Implementing Checkout v2 helps you improve the purchase experience for your customers and increase order success, while continuously incorporating the latest learnings and innovations from
Why checkout v2?
Reduce friction
Streamline checkout with one consolidated address, payment, and consent confirmation screen and full compatibility with browsers and devices that have enhanced privacy-focused features. Show Amazon Pay additionally in the payment methods using addresses entered in previous checkout steps.
Help prevent lost sales
Graceful decline recovery through Automatic Decline Handling, as well as a standardized checkout increase customer confidence and checkout success. Customers can also access new payment instruments that we are continuously adding to the checkout.
Minimize ongoing maintenance costs
Responsive buttons fit neatly into your store for multiple web widgets and decline handling is automatically supported, no extra code required!
What does it look like?
Checkout experience
CV2 Select a payment UK
Select Amazon Pay
Responsive buttons with Checkout v2 help you emphasise the simplest path in checkout by automatically fitting neatly in a variety of locations across your online store from the beginning of checkout.
CV2 Confirm information UK
Confirm information
Once selected, address and payment information is securely populated from your Amazon Account. Just tap “continue”.
CV2 Complete Order UK
Complete purchase
Review your full order including shipping, delivery, total cost of purchase, payment method and finish checking out.
Decline handling and strong customer authentication (SCA)
CV2 decline recovery UK
Decline recovery
In the event your payment is declined, you can 1) Choose an alternative payment instrument within your wallet, 2) update your existing card or file, or 3) add a new card. Either way, you don’t need to leave the checkout process.
CV2 Authenticate UK
Verify payment
We’re verifying your information with your bank for security reasons.
CV2 Payment Verification UK
Authenticate payment
To keep security tight your bank requires additional verification of the transaction.
Frequently asked questions

What is Amazon Pay Checkout v2?

Amazon Pay Checkout v2 is our next generation web checkout technology. Implementing Checkout v2 helps you improve the purchase experience for your customers and increase order success. We’ll also help you stay ahead of the curve with the latest learnings and innovations from

Where can I find the Amazon Pay Checkout v2 plugin?

If you are using a solution provider for your webshop, look for the newest available Amazon Pay plugin or check out this page with instructions where to find it. For self-developed stores you can refer to our documentation to determine next steps to integrate Checkout v2.

If I customized my store, will that impact my upgrade to Checkout v2?

Maybe. If you have made significant changes to your online store, they might impact the upgrade to Checkout v2. Always test or stage your Amazon Pay integration in Sandbox mode before going live to ensure any modifications you make are compatible.

How do I optimize my current checkout process with Checkout v2?

Please visit our best practices guide for optimizing your checkout process with Checkout v2.

How does it work?

See a “best in class” integration of Amazon Pay’s innovative payment solution in action on the Amazon Pay Checkout v2 Demo Site