Prepare your business for mobile shoppers this holiday festive season

This Paytalks webinar will show you how to make the most of mobile shopping for peak.

More than half of consumers start their festive shopping on mobile devices. Without properly preparing your business for mobile users, you could miss the biggest sales opportunity of the year.

This month’s Paytalks webinar, which just became available online, will walk you through 10 ways you can improve your mobile site to attract and delight your customers during the busy festive season. And we’ll share them all in just 20 minutes. In this webinar you will find tips on:

  • Inspiring shoppers through your social media channels
  • Boosting conversions with optimizations to your mobile site
  • Engaging new and loyal customers with mobile-exclusive content

Head over to the Paytalks webinar library to watch. While you’re there, stick around to check out any other installments in the series you may have missed.