Give your garden a glow-up for fall

With a huge selection of outdoor, connectable, and decorative lighting solutions, Festive Lights has everything you need to transform your space into an experience.

With the change of seasons, most of us will be squeezing every last moment of enjoyment we can get from our gardens. The temperate nights of early autumn make it the best time for outdoor entertaining and dinner parties. And one U.K. company specializes in making sure those uncommonly pleasant evenings are imbued with a warm glow.

Founded by Mark Higginson, who also happens to be the inventor of a blockbuster steering-wheel lock, Festive Lights is a family-run company that offers one of the U.K.’s best selections of decorative lighting.

“We exist because we want to illuminate spaces and light up faces,” the company says. “We want to inspire people to embrace decorative lighting to brighten their lives, all year round, with an amazing range of fabulous products, remarkable service, and great value.”

Though the company found initial success with Christmas lights when it first launched in 1999, it eventually expanded its product range to include all-season lighting for the home and garden, becoming a leading global supplier to more than 30 countries.

The joy of light

“The very essence of our brand is joy,” the company says. “And as specialists in feel-good lighting, we pride ourselves on being the best at what we do.”

To accomplish this mission, Festive Lights employs a dedicated team of experts to scour the world for the highest-quality products and cutting-edge designs across every price point. And though the website offers an innovative selection of indoor lights, this time of year, it’s the outdoor lights that really shine. From fashionable plug-ins to environmentally friendly solar products and battery-powered delights, when it comes to setting the mood outdoors, Festive is the life of the party.

Spread the love

One of the easiest and most effective ways to create a warm and welcoming ambience throughout any outdoor space is with connectable lights. Powered from a single source, they can be joined together in a daisy chain up to 1,000m long, providing endless creative possibilities. And with three weatherproof lighting systems to choose from, all of which can be mixed and matched, Festive Lights offers the largest range of connectable lights in the U.K.

The Connect Pro is a higher-quality system that uses durable rubber cabling and commercial-grade bulb sealing technology, allowing it to withstand prolonged outdoor use in punishing weather conditions. It lets you power an impressive 7600 LEDs, or 950m, from a single plug. The innovative low-voltage Connect Go system gives you the flexibility to choose your power source, whether you prefer battery, solar, or plug-in. And the incredibly popular 240V Festoon Pro allows you to create show-stopping displays, with belts available in black or white and a wide range of bulbs.

Party time

When the evening calls for a little more razzle dazzle, the revolutionary Twinkly smart lighting system always comes through. You can control the indoor-outdoor lights with an app on your smartphone or through your smart speaker, setting the colour, pattern, and effects — and you can even set them to thump with the music. The voice-controlled 20m Gen II Twinkly system comes with 400 multicoloured LEDs that can be fully customised in hundreds of colour combinations.

And while they’re technically not “smart,” outdoor fairy lights certainly create a smart look. Festive’s extensive inventory of soft and subtle ambient fairy lighting includes battery, solar, and plug-in. With options for the garden, patio, terrace, or balcony, they can instantly transform any space, no matter the size.

And for a simple and efficient garden glow, add a few solar lanterns to your evenings outdoors. Or better yet, pair them with some party lights or connectable systems for the full illumination experience. Available in a deep range of sizes and styles, from rattan to Moroccan, the versatile solar-powered lanterns make an impactful design statement. And they look great hanging, too.

Set the mood anywhere

As the weather gets colder, bring the atmosphere inside with some Festive Lights classics. Available in all the shapes, colours, and sizes you could ever need, their bedroom fairy lights lend just the right warmth to any room. For a more subtle effect, add some creative magic with low-voltage firefly fairy lights. And to paint your space in the distinct glow of candlelight — without the risk of fire or spilled wax — the store’s ultra-realistic battery LED candles make beautiful moments, both indoors and out. And that’s just as intended.

“It’s our belief that if we’re not making people smile, we’re doing something wrong,” the company says. “Everything we do is about making our customers happy. This isn’t something that can simply be turned on at the flick of a switch though. It takes time, dedication, and most of all passion to get all these things just right.”

Make your home and garden as festive as they can be this fall with the flip of a switch. And make the experience even more joyful by completing your purchase with Amazon Pay. Our fast and easy payment method uses the same information that’s already safely stored in your Amazon account, allowing you to skip the billing and shipping forms at checkout.