Happy Buys: 7 companies embracing diversity and inclusion

These businesses are growing by putting employees first, investing in diversity and inclusion strategies to support their teams’ creative and innovative work.

Many businesses, both large and small, know that the right way to make great products — products that are fairly made, easy on the Earth, and good for the people who buy them — starts in-house with a great working environment. The more companies can ensure a fair and respectful working environment, the more teams will feel empowered to get creative and make exciting, out-of-the-box products that people will fall in love with.

Businesses that are embracing diversity — the diversity of both their teams and customers — know that equity and inclusion are much more than just policies, programmes and headcounts. Creating an open, diverse environment can positively affect a business all the way from the C-suite to the customer experience.

In this edition of Happy Buys, we’re highlighting businesses that have put their employees first by prioritising diversity, equity and inclusion as an essential part of their company’s growth and success.

Darna Red Floral Shift Dress | The Fashion Bible

What makes this red floral shift dress from this women-owned and operated business a must-have look is in the details: The frill sleeve and open back make it effortlessly seductive and comfortable. You won’t want to wear anything else through the warm days and nights.

Adults Sweatshirt Ombre Leopard & Lightning Bolt | Scamp & Dude

Entrepreneur and mum Jo Tutchener-Sharp knows that fashion can bring the whole family together — that’s why her company Scamp & Dude make styles that the whole family can appreciate. This unstoppably cool ombre sweatshirt is proof that leopard print, lightning bolts and candy floss colouring are even better when combined.

PastelBoy, Musk, Cedar and Citrus Scented Bath Bomb | GeekyClean

Embrace not just your inner geek but your outer one with a soap bar inspired by your favourite subculture. GeekyClean is helping to make the world a better place by supporting underrepresented communities through their products and their workplace. Scented with musk, cedar and citrus, this hand-painted pastel bath bomb will bring back all those hours delightfully diverted on your Gameboy — and will leave you smelling squeaky clean.

Twist ‘N’ Treat Pale Blue | Tatty Head

It’s never too late to teach an old dog a new trick, especially if you have the right equipment to help you do it. This colourful bone from the women-run business Tatty Head is a dog training aid that dispenses a treat with each twist of the wrist. All you have to do is simply shake the dispenser to get your dog’s attention, and then twist to give your dog the reward he deserves.

Lifeforce | Ivhu Art

This inspiring and uplifting artwork is one of many to be found at Ivhu, the Black-owned business making space for underrepresented communities in the art world by curating positive, contemporary and accessible representations of Black culture in art and design. Like its title suggests, this colourful portrait exudes a power and joy that is infectious and will breathe new life into your living room.

Felicea Palettes of Natural Eyeshadows 201 nude, 3.2g | BC Organic

BC Organic prides itself on caring for the well-being of their clientele by including only all-natural, organic ingredients in their products. Inspired by nature, this eyeshadow palette includes natural earth tones, from light beige to nude to expressive dark brown, making it suitable for every occasion.

As so many of these businesses show, the way that a company’s employees feel can often be felt in the final product. As you’re shopping for things you love while also investing in a better world, remember that you can buy any of these products with Amazon Pay. If you already have an Amazon account, all you have to do is find the Amazon Pay button at checkout — it’s that easy.