Happy Buys: Silly Santa gift guide

Make your Silly Santa swap even jollier this year with these fun and original white elephant Christmas gifts for friends, family, and colleagues.

Whether you call it a “white elephant,” a “Yankee swap,” or “Dirty Santa,” the anonymous gift-giving game has become one of the best traditions of the holiday season.

A good Silly Santa gift exchange between friends, family, or coworkers always starts with a pile of wrapped presents in the middle of the room. Though the rules can vary, depending on who’s hosting the party, generally speaking the order of play is determined at random or drawn from a hat. In turn, each player can either choose a gift from the main pile or steal a gift that a previous player has opened. And the last player always has the pick of the lot.

Part of what makes Silly Santa exchanges so fun is the infinite possibilities for creative and amusing gifts, usually wrapped in elaborate disguises. Whether you’re shopping for friends, family, or coworkers, we’ve selected a range of crowd-pleasing Silly Santa gifts that hit just the right mark between naughty and nice. And when you check out with Amazon Pay, it’s always fast and easy — so you can skip past the billing and shipping forms and focus on the holiday cheer, instead of the holiday stress.

Tetris Mug and Puzzle Gift Set | Retro Styler

For anyone who loves the classic ’80s game, this unique and graphic Tetris Mug and Puzzle Set does double duty as a piece of fun and functional design. The ceramic mug holds up to 255ml of their favourite hot or cold beverage wrapped in retro gaming nostalgia, while the 100-piece jigsaw satisfies their thirst for puzzles.

Gift Republic Oh Deer Stacking Game | Temptation Gifts

A great stocking filler for winter nights by the fire with family or friends, this Oh Deer reindeer stacking game is addictively simple. Gather round and take turns carefully piling the little guys on top of each other until one of you sends the stack tumbling down. With Oh Deer, you’ve got an instant holiday party starter that brings the merry every time.

Gamebi, Gamebomb Bath Bomb | GeekyClean

Gamers need indulgently relaxing bath-time experiences, too. This soothing Gamebomb bath bomb is hand painted in a vibrant pastel, but don’t let the cheeky looks fool you. Each vegan bomb is scented with musk, cedar, and citrus, with plenty of moisturizing apricot oil to leave their skin feeling — and smelling — pampered after a long and luxurious soak.

4-Pack Food for Thought Socks Gift Box, Blue/Green/Red/Navy | UnderU

This tasty 4-pack of Food for Thought socks from Swedish designer Happy Socks features some deliciously fun prints. Knitted from fine-combed cotton, the high-quality socks offer bananas on bright turquoise, toasters on deep navy, eggs on toast, and pizzas on red. And the best part is, they’re as soft and comfortable as they are fun.

Llama Mosaic Coaster Kit | Hobby Craft

This colourful Mosaic Coaster kit lets you create your very own acrylic tile llama to set your holiday tipple down on. Ideal for beginners to mosaic crafting, the easy design project provides a creative outlet for cosy afternoons indoors, with everything you need to complete a handmade coaster that will take pride of place on your coffee table.

Yankee Candle 18 Tea Light 1 Holder Gift Set | Perfume Direct

From Yankee Candle, this 18 Tea Light 1 Holder Gift Set includes votive candles in lovely seasonal fragrances that will light up your holiday, including White Spruce & Grapefruit, Silver Sage & Pine, and Holiday Zest. Packaged in a festive blue gift box decorated in falling snowflakes and holly berries, the box even comes with a red bow on top. And these Yankee Candles have a burn time of up to 12 hours each, so you can definitely get the most out of the included Tea Light Holder.

Satin Sleep Mask - Candy Cane Print | SMUG.

Give the gift of a better night’s sleep. Sweet dreams were made of these ultra-soft satin sleep masks from Smug. Gentle on skin and hair, the lightweight mask allows pores to breathe, reducing irritation and redness around the eyes while helping to increase firmness and keep skin radiant. According to Smug, satin also naturally hydrates the skin while you sleep, reducing the look of dark circles.

Manual Brewer | Joy Resolve

With a special brew chamber made from hand-blown glass by master glassblowers, this innovative Manual Brewer is an ideal gift for anyone who takes pleasure in the ritual of making their own coffee or tea. The brew chamber can make everything from gorgeous teas to rich coffees. The unique silicon Tea Gate design suspends and controls the flow of the brew from the chamber — for the perfect cup every time.

Buying fun Silly Santa gifts with the convenience of Amazon Pay is so nice and easy, it almost feels naughty. So be sure to check your list twice, then check out fast with Amazon Pay.