Happy Buys: Tasty temptations for fall

Indulge your cravings for brand-new flavours this season with these deliciously tempting products from Amazon Pay merchants.

As the weather gets cooler and the skies grow greyer, it’s a great time of year to jump-start the senses with the thrill of gastronomic discovery. Treat your palate to some brand-new tastes and flavours, from sweet seasonal confections to authentic, indulgently rich roasts.

Thanks to the Amazon Pay merchants below, we’ve got a feast of exciting options to satisfy your craving for something special. And because all of these online stores accept Amazon Pay, you can help yourself and breeze right through checkout — like a VIP at the best all-you-can-eat buffet. Like a digital wallet, our payment service uses the billing and shipping information that’s already stored in your Amazon account, so you can skip the forms and get down to what matters.

Halloween Dried Flower Cake Topper | The Cake Decorating Company

Make your Halloween bake the talk of the party this year with this dried floral cake topper from AdamApple. With spooky black and orange grasses, an orange palm spear, phalaris, bunny tails, and a laser-cut bat, you can transform any ordinary cake into a ghoulishly special centrepiece.

Jack O Lantern Grippy Cookie Cutter | The Cake Decorating Company

With a stainless steel blade for clean and precise edges, the Jack O Lantern Grippy Cookie Cutter makes it easy to turn cookie dough, sugar paste, marzipan, and more into tasty pumpkin-tastic treats. Bake up a batch with the kids: The durable plastic cushions your hands when pushing down into dough, making it ideal for little pastry chefs.

Smooth Medium Roast | New Kings Coffee

Become your own barista with freshly ground 100% single-origin Arabica beans. For a delicious cup of coffee with no hassle, simply add boiling water to your mug and the eco-friendly New Kings pouches will do the rest. Sustainably farmed and certified organic, the full-flavoured medium roast is rich with almond and toffee notes and fruity acidity for a truly balanced cup of joe.

Better Barista Brews | New Kings Coffee

Available in resealable, recyclable pouches, New Kings’ fair-trade coffees are now even better for the environment. Get your morning caffeine fix from their complete line of individually wrapped coffee bags, which brew directly in your cup like tea. The premium, ethically produced beans come in a variety of flavours, including the indulgent Dark Roast, with intense notes of dark chocolate, and the smooth and mild Winter Roast, notable for its lively hints of forest berries.

Home-compostable Nespresso Pods | Grind

Filled with delicious, sustainably farmed organic coffee beans, Grind’s Nespresso-compatible pods are completely compostable at home. Plastic-free and biodegradable, they decompose quicker than garden grass cuttings. And unlike other plant-based pods, Grind’s oxygen barrier keeps your coffee fresh and flavourful for months. Available by subscription and refillable, they’re a guilt-free way to enjoy superior coffee on demand.

30 personalised Halloween Love Hearts | Swizzels

These Halloween Love hearts from Swizzels come tied with a red ribbon — and a personalised message from you. Come up with something heartfelt or funny, and Swizzels will print all 30 rolls of love hearts with customised packaging that’s sure to make your giftee smile.

With these Amazon Pay merchants, it’s easy to discover exciting new experiences for your senses. And with no forms to fill out or accounts to create, it’s even easier to check out. Just look for the Amazon Pay button when you’re ready to make your purchase.