Possible with Pay: Stylish brands dedicated to building a better world

These brands don’t just look good – they do good – giving back to their communities and worthy organizations.

There’s a new generation of businesses that are concerned with more than just their bottom line. These brands are dedicated to making their world a better place, by giving back to their communities as well as helping organizations that do good. Whether they’re fighting waste in the fashion industry or supporting non-profit organisations for children, all of these businesses have a mission to both do good and look good.

Amazon Pay wants to help connect with these agents of change, offering you the ability to look great and feel great all at the same time. Check out these great products from Amazon Pay brands with a purpose, and don’t forget to use Amazon Pay to make your purchase for a fast, familiar, and secure checkout.

Wick Leather Biker Jacket | AllSaints

You may know them for their timeless, edgy pieces, but AllSaints is committed to sustainability as much as style. Their innovative water-recycling process uses 89% less water, and they are committed to sourcing more plant-based, organic and recycled materials. And part of shopping sustainably is buying things that will last for years, like this iconic biker jacket that will definitely become a feature piece in your wardrobe.

Doina Lariat and Grey Pearl Necklace Set | Monica Vinader

For an elegant touch with any outfit, don the Doina Lariat and Grey Pearl Necklace Set from Monica Vinader. The minimalist Lariat necklace would be gorgeous enough on its own, but the freshwater pearl charm is a truly special bonus. Handcrafted to last a lifetime, this is a piece you can save for special occasions, wear every day, or even pass down to a loved one down the line. And while their handmade process produces less waste than industry standard, Monica Vinader also offsets their carbon emissions for a net-neutral carbon impact.

The Hoodie, Sunflower Yellow | Sheep Inc.

The Hoodie from Sheep Inc. is not only the perfect, comfortable wardrobe staple you’ve been looking for, but it’s eco-friendly too. Sheep Inc. uses Merino wool sourced from regenerative New Zealand sheep stations, which guarantee welfare standards and sustainable practices. This makes for unmatched comfort in their biodegradable, carbon-neutral Hoodie – which even lets you track the sheep it came from.

Green Toucan Print Cuban Shirt – Made with Liberty Fabric | SIRPLUS

The Green Toucan Print Cuban Shirt from SIRPLUS is the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe. SIRPLUS was founded specifically to address the waste in the fashion industry, so all their garments are made from recycled, deadstock fabrics that otherwise would have become waste. Make a bold statement with the shirt’s unique print and coconut buttons.

Hugo Boss Chain Ladies Watch | Chisholm Hunter

The Hugo Boss Chain Ladies Watch from Chisholm Hunter is a milestone piece which signifies refined luxury while still feeling current. The minimalist design is light and elegant, making it a chic piece to keep on you every day. Chisholm Hunter is committed to philanthropy, supporting a range of non-profit organisations through donations and events focused on children in Scotland.

Smooth Medium Roast | New Kings Coffee

If you’re more in need of a coffee than a cuppa, reach for the Smooth Medium Roast from New Kings Coffee – a classic, balanced blend with a hint of sweetness that any coffee lover will appreciate. The ethically farmed brand aims to support the planet and the farmers they work with by only sourcing organic and fair-trade coffee, which keeps the land and farmers healthy while keeping chemicals out of your morning routine.

Antique Coal Candlestick | Ivy&Bee-Interiors

For an elegant touch to your home decor setup, add an Antique Coal Candlestick from Ivy&Bee-Interiors. The vintage-inspired piece is a timeless addition to a romantic dinner spread or for at-home al fresco dining. Ivy&Bee-Interiors are committed to sustainable homeware which doesn’t sacrifice style. They curate small, independent businesses that are focused on being eco-friendly, while also partnering with organisations to plant a tree for every order.

Future – Full Bamboo & Polarised Midnight Black Sunglasses | Emmy Jane Boutique

The innovative Future sunglasses from Emmy Jane Boutique are changing the way you see. By replacing your plastic frames for these stylish, affordable sunglasses, you can make an impact every day. Emmy Jane Boutique also offers carbon offsets to help you fund projects to plant trees and support renewable energy – helping you use less plastic and less carbon with this purchase.

Skin Tide | mccāla

Mccāla creates daily supplements from superfoods and natural ingredients to support your body’s needs and boost your health through vitamins and minerals. Their daily Skin Tide supplement contains classic skin support ingredients like biotin and vitamin E, but also more unique ingredients like sea kelp for moisture, Irish moss for hydration, pine bark for elasticity, vitamin C for collagen, and copper for pigmentation. Plus, their products come in glass bottles and sustainable packaging to reduce plastic use.

Whether it’s a cause that’s close to your heart, or a coffee that you can’t do without, all of these great businesses are sure to make you happy. Best of all, Amazon Pay makes it easy to discover and support these businesses, with no hassle at either end!