Struggling to find a Valentine’s Day gift? We’ve got some ideas.

Find something alluring and out of the ordinary to wow your partner this February 14th.


Marble Venus De Milo Candle from Vendeo

Depicting the goddess of love and beauty, the Venus de Milo has been heralded as the embodiment (albeit without the arms) of classical perfection for centuries. The original is likely out of mere mortals’ price range, but this gorgeous handmade candle from Bromley-based home decor connoisseurs Vendeo makes for the perfect gift, crafted from sustainable soy and beeswax and scented with natural essential oils.


Stonewashed Linen Sleepwear from Piglet

We’ve all spent a lot more time at home than ever have before, so why not give your loved one the gift of a blissful night sleep? Start your search with Piglet, a British sleepwear company whose comfortably elegant natural stonewashed linen products make for an effortlessly beautiful home.


Evil Eye Protection Necklace from Wolf & Gypsy Limited

Brighton-based vintage store Wolf and Gypsy Limited maintains ethical and environmental-friendly practices while assembling their bold jewellery designs. Their Evil Eye Protection Necklace is designed to keep your special someone safe from harm, featuring a hand-drawn eye with a white topaz iris and white topaz studs that radiate dazzling rays of light.


Seiko SPB059J1 Presage Silver & Dark Brown Textured Leather Automatic Men’s Watch from Tic Watches

Seiko has been making some of the finest timepieces on the market since roughly 1880, so if you’re looking for a luxury watch for an extra-special gift, you really can’t go wrong with Seiko’s high-end offerings. Take advantage of this deal on a Seiko Presage, with its classic-looking watch face, stainless steel design, and attractively textured brown leather armband.


Aurora Perfume from Ann Summers

Add an aroma of amour to your Valentine’s Day celebrations with Ann Summers’ Aurora Gold Perfume, a scent with notes of ginger flower, vanilla, and sandalwood. A fragrance noted by reviewers for both its elegant bouquet and inexpensive price, Aurora Gold makes for the perfect gift for your loved one, or yourself.

Clayton Leather Satchel from Osprey

The Clayton’s extra-sturdy artisanal messenger satchel is suitable for a wide variety of uses, not just easy computer storage in comfortable weather. In addition to its resilient, handsome-looking leather exterior, it features a full-sized canvas pouch with a large zipped pocket and two smaller slip pockets to stash valuables.

Chocolate Dream Drip Cake from Cakes Today

Get ready to experience a slice (or three of four) of heaven: Made with chocolate sponge with chocolate cream, this Chocolate Dream Drip Cake is coated with white chocolate fondant and dripped with pouring chocolate icing. Great British Bake Off fans, gear up for a life-changer that can be delivered right to you and your significant other.

Velvet Multi-Purpose Palette from BarryM

Eccentric and beloved East London makeup brand Barry M has the best-quality palettes for effortless, on-the-go glamour. For the make-up lover in your life, also check out their essential all-in-one Velvet Palette, with eyeshadow, highlighter, bronzer and a blusher into just one case.

Marine Scarf from Belstaff

Belstaff has been a fashion fixture since the 1920s. Its catalogue of distinguished clothing and accessories with a classic look, like this wool and cashmere scarf, has earned the brand a formidable reputation. This scarf will instantly add character to your partner’s winter wardrobe, and pairs perfectly with their Marine Hat and Gloves to take the look to the next level.


Home decor and accessories at Liberty Stag

If your partner’s reaction to socially distanced life is to putter around the house and contemplate improvements, Liberty London’s home collection is a good place to go to dream up new projects. There are plenty of treats here even if you just need a simple atmosphere adjustment like an attractive new candle, pot, or other desktop item.


Rose and Violet Cremes from The Oldest Sweet Shop in England

Chocolate: filled with rose and violet cream, nestled in a golden box that’s sealed with a hand-tied ribbon – Willy Wonka couldn’t do it better. Both the presentation and the present of this classic English chocolate couldn’t be more suitable for your Valentine’s Day sweetheart.


White Orchid & Pot from Beards & Daisies

For the home plant enthusiast— and who isn’t —this tropical Moth Orchid is a perfect gift with exotic white blooms. In their natural environment these plants are epiphytic meaning they will attach their roots to trees or rocks. Its combination of beauty and household function makes it a perfect, thoughtful selection for a Valentine’s Day surprise.


Chantelle Dress from Reformation

Combining drape-like with form-fitting design elements, Reformation’s Chantelle dress is an unbeatable combination of sexy and comfortable. High-slitted and made from 100% silk, it exudes class and sensuality all at once, making for both a tasteful and pleasantly provocative gift for a loved one.