The Dressing Room sees online revenue lift of 42%, with 16% of all payments coming through Amazon Pay.

Providing a boutique shopping experience selling affordable and aspirational fashion, The Dressing Room offers customers a look that is contemporary with a twist. Within just nine years of trading the store has won five Drapers Awards and been present in all boutique listings in the top fashion magazines, including Vogue and Glamour. Customers of The Dressing Room return time and time again for a five star personal boutique service, along with unique, stand-out products unavailable elsewhere.

Like Amazon, The Dressing Room is driven by a passion for giving customers the best possible experience.

“I’ve always been passionate about retail and fashion, so the two working together is perfect for me,” said Deryane Tadd, The Dressing Room owner who founded the business after she had spent twelve years in retail. “I’m constantly inspired by looking around, seeing what’s going on in the industry and what other retailers are doing. I always want to stick to just the one bricks and mortar store, so that we can deliver the best without compromise. This means our growth has to come from our e-commerce offering.”

Seamless Integration

Deryane was first made aware of Amazon Pay in January 2013 by The Dressing Room’s ecommerce provider, Docnet. Introducing the service couldn’t have been easier, according to Deryane.

“It was really quick and painless, which was a pleasant surprise as most integrations of this type aren’t so smooth. We were impressed with how many payments came through Amazon Pay so soon after integrating the service.”

Immediate results

Within twenty eight days of launching Amazon Pay, The Dressing Room saw online sales go up by 42% with 12% more customers than in the preceding months.

“Amazon Pay is definitely helping to bring people back to our site, because it offers them such a quick and convenient way to pay. Plus, we’ve noticed a marked reduction in our basket abandonment rate.”

“It was a no-brainer to introduce Amazon Pay because so many people have Amazon accounts these days,” explained Deryane. “Anything that can make it easy for our customers is good and might even encourage them to return. Customers love the convenience of Amazon Pay so much they have even got in touch to tell us so! Today we had a message from a customer thanking us for making the payment process so easy.”

Improved customer experience

It didn’t take Deryane long to decide to introduce Amazon Pay to The Dressing Room, but she wasn’t expecting the positive reaction from customers to be so instant.

Lifting conversion and sales

Experience shows a difficult checkout process can lead to customers abandoning their order, something which Deryane says is no longer happening thanks to the convenience of the service Amazon Pay offers. It means sales are up, with more customers and increased average order sizes.

“When a customer forgets their security code or needs to go and get a different credit card, these are all things that can stop a sale being completed,“ said Deryane. “Most of the items we sell are ‘treat purchases’, so if the checkout process is at all cumbersome, customers are more likely to abandon their basket. But introducing Amazon Pay has stopped that happening.”

“Foot traffic is up on the site and our conversion rate is increasing too. Amazon Pay definitely helps with our five star boutique service because it offers such an easy solution for the customer.”

Our average order total increased by 8.5% during our first 3 months of working with Amazon Payments in 2013, and 16% of overall payments are now coming through Amazon Pay.

- Deryane Tadd, Owner, The Dressing Room

The future

The company’s growth is tied up with the online arm of the business, something which Deryane recognises as key to securing future success. Amazon Pay will likely play a big role in helping this multi-channel business thrive.

“We want to take the website to the next level, to exceed targets and to continue to perform,” explained Deryane. “Our growth is driven by our passion and innovation, and the online arm of our company is driving the business forward ten-fold.”

So would Deryane recommend other businesses bring Amazon Pay to their customers? “Absolutely. It strengthens your offering online and helps show you as a reputable business. I have literally nothing negative to say about it.”

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