Millennials are a key demographic for fashion brands, but can be challenging to understand. Younger customers’ expectations for connected shopping experiences are constantly changing. Their ideal channels for discovery shift with societal trends, whether that be go-to social media channels or voice enabled devices. Millennial customers also want their shopping journeys to be increasingly personalised[1], and incredibly convenient at every step along the way.

If this seems like a lot to take on, never fear: Amazon Pay provides actionable insights to improve your online experience for millennial fashion shoppers in our newest Paytalks webinar. Available through Amazon Pay’s new on-demand webinar library, our May Paytalks webinar will guide you through 10 effective strategies for appealing to younger, hipper customers—all in under 20 minutes. During this webinar you’ll find:

  • Five tactics to improve your customer experience
  • Ways to deliver a more connected, streamlined journey
  • Inspiration to help personalise your store for each shopper

Head over to the Paytalks site to watch the webinar. While you’re there, stick around to check out any past installments you may have missed via our on-demand webinar library, including April’s “Top reasons businesses choose a payment service.”

[1] Sail Thru, Retail Personalisation Index, 2020

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