Originally posted on July 2020

These days, almost all of us buy online by necessity, and our habits and needs are increasingly complex. Consumers’ expectations for immediacy and quality are always on the rise, and so are the costs for acquiring them. According to a recent global survey conducted by Hubspot1, 60% of marketers reported that their customer acquisition costs have grown during the past three years. It’s clear, then, that brands need to maintain a sharp focus on finding clever methods of drawing traffic to their site and increasing lead generation.

In our Paytalks Business Growth Series webinar, Amazon Pay will break down the most effective ways to lead customers to your online store and grow your online business in just 20 minutes. In the webinar, you’ll find tips on how to:

  • Drive awareness and visibility for your brand through search
  • Tap into existing customer bases
  • Stay creative with your social media strategy
  • Turn your customer base into a community willing to spread the word 

Head over to the Paytalks free on-demand webinar library to watch. While you’re there, stick around to check out any other installments in the series you may have missed.





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