For designer Monica Vinader, the allure of her jewellery goes well beyond its lustre and looks — the care and compassion in its creation also help forge its beauty. Vinader’s pieces — eye-catching earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and more — are sustainably produced and ethically sourced. Kind to the planet and its people, she uses entirely recycled gold and sterling silver, as well as responsibly mined stones.

MonicaVinader_Editorial_Inline_2An artist and designer, Vinader was born in San Sebastian, Spain. She has travelled the world finding inspiration in art, architecture, archaeology, landscapes and nature, creating designs that stand out for their simplicity, luxury and conscious creation.

Pioneering beauty

Vinader switched to using 100% recycled silver in April 2020 and started using 100% recycled gold as of February 2021. The same high quality as mined gold and silver, the recycled precious metals produce far fewer greenhouse-gas emissions that exacerbate climate change. In fact, recycled silver cuts down CO2 emissions by two-thirds compared with mined silver, although most of the world’s silver is derived from mines.

MonicaVinader_Editorial_Inline_3To create affordable, accessible luxury pieces, Vinader pioneered the use of gold vermeil. With her technique, gold of at least 2.5 microns is layered on top of sterling silver — that’s five times thicker than average gold plating and far more durable.

The jewellery maker uses hand-selected, hand-cut natural gemstones from around the world, sourced according to ethical, social and environmental standards. Each hand-set diamond is conflict-free from mines where workers are paid fair wages and labour in safe conditions. The cultured freshwater pearls she uses are sustainably grown for two to three years before harvesting.

A female-forward perspective

The company describes its jewellery as “touched by a thousand thumbs”, from gem cutters in India and craftsmen in Thailand to designers at their headquarters in Norfolk, comfortably housed in a 16th-century conversion heated by renewable energy. Working closely with women-led businesses in their supply chain, the company audits and frequently visits suppliers to monitor and protect workers’ wages and hours, rights, conditions, health and safety.

MonicaVinader_Editorial_Inline_1Speaking of women, Vinader has been serving as an ambassador for Women for Women International, which helps women in conflict areas. The company has sponsored more than 335 women thus far, enabling them to attend educational programmes. They’ve also enrolled 90 children from the slums of Jaipur, India, in educational programmes offered by the Jagriti Foundation, which works towards empowering women, girls and families. Plus, they’ve raised money to support mental health among NHS workers and signed onto the United Nations Global Compact, a corporate responsibility initiative that advocates for sustainability.

That’s not all. Using carbon offset commitments to the Clean Oceans Plastic Bank and a project that supports wind farms, the company is completely carbon neutral, including their deliveries and returns. They’re using 100% recyclable paper boxes and bags and aim to remove all single-use plastic from their supply chain this year. 

Encouraging customers to hop on board, they offer a discount to those who want to recycle silver and gold from other brands. They also offer a free five-year warranty that covers every piece you buy. That includes re-plating, re-sizing and repairs. Beyond that, they offer a lifetime repair service, for a small fee, in an effort to put a dent in throw-away culture.

Beauty and brains

While justifiably proud of their work, the brand says they want to set an example in the industry so that sustainability and responsible designs are not the exception but the standard.

MonicaVinader_Editorial_Inline_4But it’s not all work and no play at Monica Vinader. Among their newest looks this autumn are a festive Disco Ring with a solitaire diamond set in fluted gold vermeil; vintage-inspired, thick woven Doina Chain Bracelets; and a hinged Signature Bangle perfect for engraving.

MonicaVinader_Editorial_Inline_5The pieces are ideal for stacking, layering and collecting to create a distinctive look. You can choose your style and finish among the array of necklaces, bracelets and earrings in gold vermeil, rose gold vermeil and sterling silver. Then mix, match and personalise your pieces with your choice of charm and gemstone pendants. Amazon Pay lets you shop easily and conveniently on Monica Vinader’s website with the information you’ve stored in your Amazon account.

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