Originally posted on April 2020

Coined in the 18th century, the phrase “tend one’s own garden” refers to the spiritual benefits of minding one’s own business and focusing on self-improvement. But this modus operandi can apply literally as well, and it feels particularly relevant during the international crisis we are currently experiencing. If you haven’t tried it yet, cultivating plants in your backyard—or back porch, or window, or indoor greenhouse—can be a calming and centering experience.

Despite the challenges posed by COVID-19, the online garden retailer YouGarden.com is doing its best to help UK customers get what they need to help their plants prosper. Keeping in mind what an important time this is for many budding gardeners, YouGarden is working to expedite shipping and guaranteeing a hygienic, no-contact delivery.

Virtual plant shopping with convenience and expertise

Launched in 2012, YouGarden stocks a wide array of flowers, fruit and vegetables, trees and shrubs, grown at their 11-acre nursery in rural Lincolnshire. In an effort to help customers navigate their huge inventory, YouGarden’s site includes a Plant Finder tool which helps pair customers with items that match their green-thumb needs. The helpful function allows shoppers to search the company’s catalogue using criteria like planting and fruiting time, edibility, and seasonal requirements.

However, YouGarden also strives to be more than just a retail business. That’s why it aims to connect with its customer base through unique editorial content on its website. These offerings include blog posts and videos providing helpful suggestions and ideas for home garden projects, such as their proposed Jobs Lists for each month and detailed plant care instructions for different varieties of flowers, fruit, vegetables, and more.

Shopping faster and more securely

Integrating a digital payment service into your online store is another way of making your business more customer-friendly—a fact which YouGarden recognized before many other ecommerce companies. The site was an early adopter of Amazon Pay, implementing the service back in 2015. YouGarden’s leadership was initially attracted to the prestige signified by working with a major brand, as well as the payment security guaranteed by the platform.

“Being a relatively young company we saw the benefit in giving people reassurance during the payment process. As so many of our customers have Amazon accounts, we knew this was a brand they would trust and a convenient option for them.”

Richard Llewellyn, Senior marketing executive at YouGarden

After five years, the company’s leadership has nothing but good feedback about the impact Amazon Pay’s brand affiliation has had on their business. “Amazon represents the gold standard of security, our customers trust us more because we have Amazon Pay on our site,” Llewellyn explains.

Learn more about how YouGarden has grown their business through using Amazon Pay here.

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