In a recent study, 37% of online customers abandoned their cart because the site wanted them to create a new account.[1] Often times, customers unfamiliar with a new ecommerce site may balk at account creation if they don’t yet trust the brand or brand’s website. Additionally, they may not have any desire to create yet another distinct password only to forget it later.

Amazon Sign-In could help you increase sales  and reduce abandonment by providing customers with the trusted and reliable Amazon checkout experience on your own site. Hundreds of millions of customers around the globe have an Amazon account , and shoppers can easily log into or access your site in just a few simple steps using their Amazon credentials – with no need to create new accounts. By including Amazon Pay and Amazon Sign-In, you’re giving many potential and current customers an easy option to check out  with a brand they already know and trust.

What do I need to implement Sign-in?

For merchants, the process for implementing Sign-in is very similar to the steps for adding the Amazon Pay Checkout button. You will need to add the Amazon Pay script, configure sign-in settings, render the sign-in button, and then retrieve shopper details using the Get Buyer API.

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[1]6 Ways to Retain Shoppers from ‘Add to Cart’ to Order Completion, Baymard Institute, a report commissioned by Amazon Pay, 2021

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