Sevenoaks Sound and Vision is one of UK’s largest independent home entertainment retailers. They sell high quality products and offer tailored advice and solutions to cater to every customer’s unique needs. Started in 1972 as an independent Hi-Fi retailer based in Sevenoaks, Kent, they have grown nationwide with best-in-class demonstration facilities. They also sell products through Amazon’s marketplace to boost brand awareness and reach new customers. Separately, Sevenoaks has built an e-commerce website to offer a fantastic online experience to its customers. A key component of this experience is offering a seamless checkout experience. To this end, Sevenoaks sought to extend its engagement with Amazon by adding Amazon Pay as a payment option on its e-commerce website in 2017.

Generally, businesses are cautious about adopting new payment options, as they believe the integration process will be cumbersome and resource intensive. Despite having a custom-built website, Sevenoaks’ integration with Amazon Pay was seamless. Knowledgeable Amazon Pay solution architects supported the relatively small Information Technology team at Sevenoaks to ensure a smooth launch.

This engagement has resulted in a number of benefits for Sevenoaks.

Easy and fast checkout leading to customer delight

Fact: Introducing Amazon Pay reduced checkout time by 60%. Amazon Pay helped Sevenoaks achieve this by reducing the number of clicks and customer inputs required during checkout. 


Over the moon that we saw on average a 60% reduction in checkout time.

- Paul Murray, E-commerce Manager, Sevenoaks

This easy and fast checkout has delighted customers so much that a couple of five star Google reviews of Sevenoaks reference Amazon Pay as one of the reasons why they loved their shopping experience. 

Painless online ordering process using Amazon Pay and received the item as described within 48 hours. Very happy!

- Sevenoaks Customer on Google Reviews

Easy to navigate website. Convenient Amazon [Pay] checkout option with free shipping and rapid safe delivery with DPD. The purchase was a sale item and same as Richer sounds. Very impressed.

- Sevenoaks Customer on Google Reviews

Additionally, there were some instances of customers calling Sevenoaks customer service and acknowledging their seamless experience with Amazon Pay.

Amazon Pay makes checkout fast, secure, and easy for our customers. This is evident from the positive reviews that have been left for us, and the feedback from the customer support team. Anything we can do that our customers love, is great!

- Mike Rodel, Digital Manager

This love from customers has resulted in Amazon Pay garnering the highest checkout share among alternative payment options on the Sevenoaks website and this share only continues to grow.

Enhances brand trust

While Sevenoaks is a dominant brand in the audio-visual space, they felt that they needed to work with Amazon Pay to instill trust among new customers. Amazon is one of the most trustworthy brands in the world and Amazon Pay extends that trust to new customers visiting the Sevenoaks website. 

Fraud detection

The Sevenoaks team used to spend a lot of time fighting fraud especially in transactions that involved extending credit. Amazon Pay’s fraud detection capabilities have saved Sevenoaks time and resources. In 2015, it took Sevenoaks three days to review orders. In 2018, Sevenoaks can process five times the number of orders in half a day, thanks to Amazon Pay.

Overall, Sevenoaks’ relationship with Amazon Pay has helped delight their customers and boost their business in the process. With customer obsession in the DNA of both the companies, this relationship is only bound to grow.

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