How one European retailer helps customers stay fit and healthy at home

The fitness equipment gurus at GymEquipment Superstore are always striving to build a better customer experience.

GymEquipment Superstore is a fitness and gym equipment retailer that serves customers across the European Union and in the United Kingdom. Their online store offers an extensive catalogue of fitness equipment, including cardio machines, body-building equipment and accessories from the world’s leading brands. Not only does the company sell treadmills, rowing machines, cross trainer, power racks, and many other products, but they also deliver and install that fitness equipment, whether at home or in a commercial gym.

Rafael Muller founded GymEquipment Superstore in 2009 in Barcelona, Spain. Since then, the fitness specialist’s company has grown to help people achieve their health goals in 13 European countries, and they are looking to expand beyond the continent.

“We started with the idea of offering personalised fitness expertise, and we strive to help people reach their goals and be more healthy.” — Rafael Muller (CEO)

The company’s customers are eager to improve their strength and fitness. GymEquipment Superstore helps them install a gym at home, saving time and money.

Looking out for innovative solutions

GymEquipment Superstore is focused on attending to the needs of their customers – busy professionals who are looking for at-home solutions to maintain a healthy lifestyle – and innovating their services. After searching for ways to improve the online shopping experience and simplify purchasing, the retailer began offering customers the ability to check out with Amazon Pay in 2018.

“We work in a constantly evolving digital environment and we are always on the lookout for solutions that could help us grow and lead our industry. Thus, the decision to integrate Amazon Pay came very easy.” — Rafael Muller (CEO)

The integration helped GymEquipment Superstore to save customers time, build trust and improve their shopping experience. And they have the numbers to prove it:

Their conversion rate increased by 45%

The average order value increased by 15%

The number of new visitors increased by 2%

Sales increased by more than 6%

According to the company, customers now complete their orders faster, are happier with the process, and feel safer, knowing and trusting the Amazon Pay brand.

Always improving

In addition to investing in trusted eCommerce technology to support sales, GymEquipment Superstore attributes its success to a committed customer service team.

In 2020, GymEquipment Superstore reported a gross revenue of 9.3 million euros. It was a challenging year with countries in lockdown and thousands of people forced to build their own gyms in their homes. Health-conscious customers ran into out-of-stock products and long waits for deliveries.

GymEquipment Superstore’s customer service team worked tirelessly to offer an effective, successful customer experience under the circumstances. The team tried to shorten delivery times, managed inventory and communicated with customers, ensuring their return.

Now, the fitness equipment one-stop shop is looking toward the future. It is planning on expanding to many other countries. GymEquipment Superstore is also working on improving the shopping experience of all customers and hoping to add Amazon Pay as a payment option in countries where it’s not yet available.

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