Success Story: LensDirect

How LensDirect was able to streamline their checkout experience, attract new customers, and increase conversions by adding Amazon Pay.

With more than 30 years of experience delivering high-quality contact lenses, eyeglasses, sunglasses, lens replacements, and vision-care products directly to consumers at great prices, LensDirect is a family-owned business that has always put its customers first.

That means treating shoppers like family with personalized customer service, same-day shipping, and a vast inventory of more than 200,000 name-brand products ready to go when ordered. LensDirect even offers online vision tests. It’s part of the reason LensDirect consistently ranks among the highest in the industry in customer satisfaction.

Over the years, LensDirect has also invested heavily in creating an exceptional user experience online, establishing a powerful, cutting-edge logistics process to ensure not only that orders are filled fast but also that the lenses are always edged to perfection. A dedicated team of developers and customer service professionals works every day to refine, evolve, and improve the digital user experience across channels, further solidifying LensDirect’s position as the internet’s favorite one-stop shopping destination for all things optical.

As part of that commitment to deliver best-in-class service, LensDirect partnered with Amazon Pay to streamline their checkout experience, and the results speak for themselves. With the help of Amazon’s brand recognition and Amazon Pay’s improved, simplified purchasing process, LensDirect was able to significantly increase conversions across channels, boost transactions, and attract new customers.

Streamlining checkout to increase conversions

“We wanted to increase our website’s mobile conversion rate, and that mission was accomplished by adding Amazon Pay. We felt that whatever friction existed due to speed of checkout and experience was resolved by leveraging Amazon Pay as a payment solution.”

Leveraging Amazon’s brand recognition

“We wanted to cover the most popular checkout option in the world, so we decided Amazon Pay was a no-brainer choice to add to our portfolio of payment options. By offering Amazon Pay, it built upon our already incredible level of brand recognition and credibility.”

The result

LensDirect was able to measurably boost their conversion rate, transaction rate, total number of different products purchased, and average order volume (AOV) after adding Amazon Pay.1

1 Results are provided by LensDirect and reflect this merchant’s experience only, and may not be typical results. Results may vary.