How to inspire the next adventure of a lifetime

SportPursuit is helping sports enthusiasts choose the right gear to truly experience the freedom of the outdoors.

SportPursuit is one of the world’s leading private-sales websites for sports enthusiasts. The London-based company delivers to over 40 countries across the world from its warehouses in the U.K. and Germany. Since 2011, it has been offering members insider access to over 1,000 top sport and outdoor brands, including Marmot, Columbia, inov-8, Spyder, Castelli Cycling, Timberland, and Dakine.

The company’s 6 million-strong community gets 30% to 70% off retail prices on clothing, footwear, equipment, and nutrition for running, cycling, swimming, tennis, rugby, hiking, action sports, snow sports, and more. While the flash sales are accessible only to members, the membership is free and easy to set up in seconds.

Two Ways to Improve Conversion Rate

Continually scouting the world for the best sports products, breakthrough brands, and professional sports secrets, SportPursuit ensures there are always enticing or new offers for its members. That’s one way to improve conversion rate. Another is Amazon Pay.

In 2015, SportPursuit decided to become an Amazon Pay customer, but first it ran an A/B test with a group of members to see which payment methods performed better.

“We tried this test with Amazon Pay and saw a positive impact on the conversion rate, and when we removed it, it had the opposite effect. The difference was significant enough that we chose to offer Amazon Pay to our customers as a payment option.”

— Bethan Carden (Head of Finance) and Jonny Feinmesser (CFO)

SportPursuit integrated the digital payment service across its desktop and mobile web and immediately noticed an improved conversion rate and a better user experience. According to the company, customers find it easier to use than credit cards. It turns out that those members who use Amazon Pay are more likely to buy, translating into about 60% year-over-year growth in Amazon Pay revenue.

Helping to Inspire Adventurers

Adopting Amazon Pay helps SportPursuit with not just revenue growth. It helps the company save money thanks to decreased chargebacks and reduced time spent on fraud detection.

Advanced fraud prevention, in turn, helps to sustain a good rep with their membership community. The merchant reports a 6.7% reduction in decline rates. In 2020, just 2.3% of orders were declined. This means that fewer customers experience false declines, and more of them are setting off on that adventure sooner and happier.

SportPursuit is looking out for their members, making it easier to stay healthy and active with the right gear, and inspiring more and more adventurers each year, and they have the numbers to prove it. In 2020, for instance, U.K. shoppers have placed more than 100,000 orders with an average order value of £81, almost twice as much as in 2019.

With many more sports enthusiasts around the world, SportPursuit is working to expand to other large European economies, as well as to improve their shopping experience by adding Amazon Pay on their smartphone app. You too can stay active with SportPursuit, and choose Amazon Pay for a quick checkout.

Disclosure: Merchant data is obtained from our third party. Amazon Pay is not endorsing these numbers. These numbers are not representative of rates all Merchants may see when using Amazon Pay.