Travel safer with Mous

Mous offers high-tech protection for your most important electronics, including chic smartphone cases purpose-built for everyone from sightseers to thrill seekers.

When you’re travelling, some things are out of your hands. Planes can get delayed, luggage can get lost, rainstorms can ruin your first daiquiri on the beach. With luck, everything will go swimmingly on your dream vacation this season. But there’s one thing you can do to make sure the odds are in your favour: properly protect the electronic devices you rely on to stay connected, navigate new places, and document your adventures.

Whether you’re planning a ski vacation, a trip to Paris, or a sunny getaway in the sand, drops, spills, and accidental damage are more likely to strike when you’re travelling — and they can sideline your fun in an instant. Keeping your phone and other vital electronics safeguarded can save you a world of unnecessary headaches when you’re away from home.

With their innovative line of beautifully crafted tech accessories, Mous has become an industry leader in gear to protect your gear since launching in 2014. From smartphone and tablet cases to wireless chargers and magnetic mounts, their high-performance products are engineered for superior form and function. And they’ve put their money where their mouth is when it comes to testing, repeatedly dropping phones from helicopters and ziplines just to prove it.

Protection on the cutting edge


“Whether your idea of adventure is summiting Machu Picchu or making it across the city in time for a 9 a.m. meeting, you should have the option of versatile accessories that empower you and your goals,” writes Mous. “We make products for risk-takers, thrill seekers, tech-lovers and city-dwellers. We create solutions to the problems that come from busy lives and outlandish adventures, so that you can expect more from the devices you use every day.”

The mission, according to Mous, is to make high-quality products that are engineered to solve real problems — and look good while doing it. That marriage of high-impact materials and high-impact design is evident in slim and stylish products like the MagSafe Compatible Walnut Phone Case, which incorporates Mous’s cutting-edge AiroShock technology.

AiroShock is an impact-absorbing material that disperses the energy that comes from drops, shocks, and falls by actually slowing down the rate of deceleration. “Even if your phone comes crashing down from a 45-foot crane,” Mous writes, “it will feel to your phone more like a gentle stop at a traffic light.”


Other defensive features include raised edges on the bumpers, rippled grip ribs, a camera bump, and a microfibre lining. Together, they help Mous’s wide range of phone cases more effectively protect your phone from all kinds of damage.

For larger devices like laptops and tablets, Mous developed AiroFoam, a state-of-the-art shock-absorbing material that’s thin and flexible. A non-Newtonian fluid, it’s made of intelligent molecules that are arranged so the material is soft when at rest — but stiffens upon impact into a protective shell that guards against shock. After that shock is absorbed, the material returns to its original soft and malleable state.

No-fear gear


Yet another Mous innovation, AutoAlign+ is a technology composed of multiple precisely aligned magnets that ensure your phone connects perfectly with the charging coil every time. It works seamlessly with road-ready accessories like the AutoAlign Wireless Charger Car Vent Mount, which is compatible with Limitless magnetic cases.

They’re part of Mous’s extensive range of magnetic phone mounts and wireless chargers, which also includes magnetic modular add-ons and wallets like the MagSafe Compatible Black Flip Wallet with Stand. Providing an extremely secure connection, the wallet comes with three card slots, a hidden cash compartment, a dual-magnetic lock for a secure fit, and a built-in kickstand so you can stream hands-free.

Then there are the screen protectors, Apple Watch straps, and accessories, including the stunning Brown Leather AirPods Gen 3 Case. And for active travellers and adventure seekers, Mous’s ready-to-go kits are purpose-built for action.


The award-winning Evolution Intralock phone case merges mechanical mounting capabilities with MagSafe compatibility. And with the Evolution Creation Tripod Kit, you’ll have everything you need to capture amazing content from every possible angle. It includes a universal IntraLock accessory adapter and a JOBY GorillaPod 500 Action tripod that grips and wraps for filming practically anywhere. The compact, lightweight kit is as easy to use as it is to carry, so you’ll never miss another memorable moment.

The same goes for the Evolution Cycle Essential Kit, which uses IntraLock technology to securely mount your phone to your bike for easy access as you cycle unfamiliar streets. With a combination of hinged teeth, incredibly strong materials, and smart cut-outs, IntraLock makes sure your phone won’t go anywhere, even when you’re bombing down a mountain pass.

For any world travellers on their gap year, Mous also offers a generous 20% student discount. And the user-friendly brand also provides plenty of handy tutorials on how to use their products.

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