Why these linen pyjamas should be your uniform this festive season

Piglet in Bed is reinventing linen basics to make the festive season your cosiest yet.

Originally posted 11/24/21

As we wind up for the festive season, making time to wind down can seem like a daunting feat. Give yourself and your loved ones the gift of a blissful night’s sleep with Piglet in Bed, a British sleepwear company whose comfortably elegant, natural stonewashed linen products make for an effortlessly beautiful home.

The direct-to-consumer company had humble beginnings. Jessica Hanley started Piglet in Bed in 2017, in her mother’s garden in West Sussex, on the hunch that there was an untapped market for sustainable, well-made linen bedding. “I have always really loved interiors, but had never really found any bedding to get particularly excited about”, Hanley said to Business Insider. “The high prices associated with quality sheets was especially off-putting and the classic crisp cotton look didn’t fit my lifestyle.”

So, Hanley moved in with her mother and invested £20,000 of her savings to create bedding that would better fit a home she imagined for herself. “I wanted to create homeware that would be effortless, durable, super low maintenance”, she said to MyDomaine, “and that would look beautiful even on an occasionally unmade bed”.

It didn’t take long for people’s awareness of the brand to grow, especially because of her successful social campaigns. Piglet in Bed’s first sale was on Instagram, which continues to be one of the strongest retail channels for the company. Within a year, the business had a cult following in the UK and “outgrew the garden shed”.

Why Linen

Hanley was drawn to linen, which is incredibly durable and gets softer with time, not only because of its aesthetic but also because of its sustainability. Every part of the flax plant can be used, and it’s naturally farmed in small batches as a rotation crop. Piglet in Bed started with just a small line of linen duvet covers and pillowcases, in a few natural hues, all made from 100% French flax.

To help her growing following make the most of their products, Piglet in Bed also pioneered their own care guide. Never again should you buy the wrong-sized bedding or accessories. With their Guide to UK Bedding Sizes, Piglet in Bed ensures you’ll get what you need out of your purchase. Whether you’re starting from scratch or need to update your sheet sets, Piglet in Bed is invested in delivering quality products for a quality night’s sleep.

All Linen, Everywhere

Given the success of her initial product range, it wasn’t long before Hanley expanded beyond bedding into every room of the home. Understanding how linen’s versatility makes it a dynamic material for all aspects of your home and life, she soon began offering everything from table linen and curtains to pyjamas and robes.

This festive season’s hero product? The Midnight Stripe Linen Pyjama Trousers Set. If you find it difficult to get out of bed in the morning, take the comfort of your bedding with you with this stylish set. Fit for wearing in bed, through the house, or even on errands, this linen take on the classic striped pyjamas should be your uniform this season.

No matter what you find yourself doing — whether it be last-minute gift shopping or taking Zoom meetings — don’t sacrifice comfort or fashion. Lean into the easygoing mood of the festive season and embrace linen loungewear as your daily staple.

And as the new year approaches, treat yourself to a whole new sheet set with the Forest Green Bedtime Bundle. Like the irresistible pyjama set, this bundle looks as good as it feels, giving your room the ambience of a homely cave or forest hideaway. The linen’s long natural fibres easily wick away moisture, regulating your body temperature so that you can get a wonderful night’s sleep no matter the season. And rather than looking crumpled, linen’s effortlessly wrinkled and dappled aesthetic gives your bedroom a rustic look.

’Tis the season to rest and reflect, so make sure to give yourself the best tools to sleep well and enjoy your time at home. With an unbeatable combination of quality and comfort, match your PJs to your bedding and your whole festive season will feel like you’re floating on a cloud.

To learn more about Piglet in Bed and their beautiful linen, check out their website — and remember to use Amazon Pay at checkout.