How Amazon Pay helped Elvie deliver game-changing motherhood essentials to new moms

Discover how Elvie saw a 40% increase in conversion compared to their regular checkout using Amazon Pay

There is no road map to motherhood. For new moms, navigating the world of parenthood can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, so much of the new-mom experience is shrouded in mystery. Enter: Elvie, a “taboo-busting” company making breastfeeding a better and easier experience for moms everywhere.

With a full range of products dedicated to making women’s lives easier, Elvie wanted their shopping experience to do the same. So, when Elvie was looking to optimize their ecommerce experience and decrease cart abandonment, they implemented Amazon Pay and saw a 40% increase in conversions.

Elvie CEO, Tania Boler, founded the brand based on her passion “to get women talking about health issues more.” Boler, an internationally recognized women’s health expert, held leadership positions for various global NGOs and the United Nations before entering the field of women’s health products.

Boler is not just about talk, she’s about action. In 2019, she created a campaign to help break the stigma around breastfeeding in public. The idea? Releasing giant, inflatable breasts across London for Mother’s Day. This eye-catching #FreeTheFeed campaign certainly started a conversation. For the opposite reason, Elvie’s discreet breastfeeding devices are doing the same.

Elvie’s innovative slate of breastfeeding essentials include the popular, portable, and undetectable Elvie breast pump series, as well as other life-changing health and wellness tools.

But despite their innovative product and viral marketing campaigns, Elvie was still experiencing cart abandonment. “We were seeing a high drop-off prior to implementing Amazon Pay,” said Lucia Cisneros, Senior Digital Marketing & D2C Manager. According to a 2022 report from the Baymard Institute, this is not unusual. “Checkout Best Practices in 2022: 8 Ways to Optimize eCommerce Checkout Flows” reports that the global cart abandonment rate sits at 69.8%, but there’s hope. The Baymard Institute finds that, by improving the checkout design process, businesses see a 35% increase in conversion rate just by making design changes to their checkout process.

By implementing Amazon Pay, merchants get access to the latest checkout technology for a fast, easy, and secure checkout process that customers are already familiar with. “Consumers expect vendors to offer quick ways to check out, and Amazon was the perfect partner for us to do it with,” said Cisneros.

With the help of Amazon’s brand recognition and Amazon Pay’s fast and easy checkout, Elvie made it easier to shop their trailblazing products and reach more parents. After a quick and simple implementation, Elvie was able to better reach the hundreds of millions of customers around the globe that have an Amazon account. And leveraging Amazon Pay’s brand recognition, as well as the halo of trust that comes with the Amazon brand name, also drove Elvie’s choice. The market penetration of Amazon in the U.K. and ease of implementation were two key factors in our decision,” Cisneros said.

By adding Amazon Pay to their checkout flow, Elvie gives potential and current customers the opportunity to easily check out with a brand they already know and trust.

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