The Amazon Pay multi-currency feature is designed for international merchants who list prices in more than one currency on their website and charge their customers the exact amount quoted on the site. When you enable multi-currency, you aren't limited by the currency associated with your Amazon Payments merchant account (the ledger currency in which you receive disbursements from Amazon Payments). The multi-currency feature is offered by Amazon Services Europe SARL.

The benefit to your customers is that they don’t need to worry about currency conversion or rates when shopping with their Amazon account. Hundreds of millions of Amazon customers can check out on your website with their existing Amazon account.

How multi-currency works

  1. On your site, you list prices for items in multiple currencies.
  2. Your customers shop on your site, and they check out with their preferred currency.
  3. You pass the currency and the amount to Amazon Pay.
  4. Amazon Payments charges your customer the exact amount in the currency they selected during checkout.
  5. Amazon Payments converts the amount into the currency associated with your account (your ledger currency) before crediting the amount to your account balance.

Customers who use VISA and Mastercard will be able to pay in any of the 12 currencies that merchants choose to enable on their website and that are currently supported by Amazon Pay. Any remaining payment methods in the customer’s wallet will be greyed out.

What's the benefit to my customers?

When you enable multi-currency on your site, your customers benefit in the following ways:

  • They have a choice of currencies.
  • They aren't slowed down waiting for any currency conversion that occurs if they choose a currency different from the one with which you will be paid.
  • They may avoid currency conversion charges.
  • They're less likely to discover “hidden” charges (this in turn benefits you because it can decrease the chance that the customer would request a refund or file a chargeback claim).

For detailed information about Amazon Pay multi-currency see additional help content.