Research from the Baymard Institute finds that more than 67% of online shoppers who add a product to their shopping cart never complete the purchase1. And more than one in three shoppers indicated they would abandon checkout if an e-commerce website requires them to create an account. 

Amazon Pay offers businesses more than just a payment solution. Amazon Pay enables hundreds of millions of Amazon shoppers around the globe to make purchases on your website using the information stored in their Amazon account – avoiding account creation, re-entering credit card information, and typing their billing and shipping addresses. This translates into a more streamlined checkout experience, that can help increase conversions and lower cart abandonment.

Let’s go beyond just speed and convenience for customers. Businesses that integrate Amazon Pay as their ecommerce solution, can take advantage of Amazon’s years of experience at the forefront of technology, innovation, and best-in-class checkout optimisation. Amazon Pay offers a secure checkout experience backed by Amazon’s fraud detection technology, that can reduce your risk of bad debt.

On 31st March 2020 we have launched a simpler and more transparent pricing model, thanks to our new and competitive fees of 2.7% + £0.30 per transaction. The newly updated pricing is available to all our merchants, enabling them to enjoy the benefits of Amazon Pay at a lower price:
•    An optimised checkout
•    Possibility to improve conversion
•    Amazon’s fraud detection technology and a reduced risk of bad debt

Learn more about the common questions about Amazon Pay and our new pricing model here.


1Average online shopping cart abandonment rate worldwide from 2006 to 2019, Baymard Institute, Sept. 2019.

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