It’s true that flooring is the foundation of any beautiful room. But let’s face it, a nice floor can be pricey. Flooring Superstore addresses this problem by selling flooring online without the need for brick-and-mortar stores. The leading online flooring specialist in the UK, Flooring Superstore offers a wide range of high-quality flooring from carpet to vinyl and even artificial grass—claiming prices up to 50% lower than retail stores.

Since the company was formed in 2012, it has grown exponentially, increasing its revenue more than fivefold from £3.5 million to £18.5 million, and its staff from 12 to 90 employees. While Flooring Superstore has experienced rapid growth, one challenge has been convincing consumers to search for flooring online rather than visiting a store.

To address this issue, the company provides free flooring samples, enabling shoppers to see their flooring material before they actually buy it. It also offers free returns, giving customers maximum flexibility over their purchases. And to give its customers a seamless experience, Flooring Superstore built its business on the Magento e-commerce platform, adding Amazon Pay as a payment option.

By developing its site on Magento, Flooring Superstore has obtained a highly scalable platform that continues to grow with the business while providing the flexibility and customization the company needs. “The amount of traffic has tripled, yet Magento has handled the increase in volume flawlessly, giving us the ability to cope with extra traffic – allowing us to enjoy the increase in sales with minimal hassle,” says Andrew Kennedy, Commercial Manager at Flooring Superstore. By integrating Amazon Pay, the company provides customers with a faster checkout experience that is also adding to their bottom line.

With Amazon Pay the information is already there -- reducing checkout times from two or three minutes to 30 seconds or less.

- Andrew Kennedy, Commercial Manager, Flooring Superstore

Speedier Checkout

Flooring Superstore customers who choose Amazon Pay can make purchases without entering their payment or address information, reducing the number of steps from five to three, and total checkout times by 75%. “Previously, customers would have to enter all their details, whereas with Amazon Pay the information is already there—reducing checkout times from two or three minutes to 30 seconds or less,” says Kennedy. “It’s so much less time-consuming.”

Higher conversions, more mobile users

With a faster checkout experience, more customers have been completing their purchases. “We have seen a 44% uplift in conversion rates since the introduction of Amazon Pay—over the course of two months,” says Kennedy. The increase in conversions has carried over to customers using mobile devices, who now account for nearly 70% of all shoppers. Since adding Amazon Pay as a checkout option, Flooring Superstore has witnessed an increase in the both the percentage of mobile shoppers and mobile sales. “We’ve seen a massive shift from desktop to mobile,” Kennedy says. “Amazon Pay has made the mobile experience seamless.”  

We have seen increased conversions and increased sales. The benefits of Amazon Pay just seem to add up.

- Andrew Kennedy, Commercial Manager, Flooring Superstore

Increased Revenue

The larger number of conversions has translated into higher sales—and ultimately more revenue. “Both our prices and our advertising have remained the same, yet we’ve experienced 10% year-over-year growth since adding Amazon Pay,” Kennedy says. “I think it’s because of the trust people have in Amazon and the faster checkout experience. Those things coming together have had a positive effect."

Enhanced Trust

Since adding Amazon Pay, more new customers have been making purchases—and Kennedy believes the payment option is improving customer confidence. Amazon’s A-to-z guarantee givescustomers peace of mind that they can dispute qualified purchases online on Flooring Superstore and other third party sites using Amazon Pay. Even more importantly, seeing the Amazon Pay brand gives first-time shoppers the assurance they are buying from a trustworthy company. “Having Amazon on our site adds an extra level of security and trust, which is especially important as we build our brand,” Kennedy says. “We’ve seen increased conversions and increased sales. The benefits of Amazon Pay just seem to add up."

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