From Modest Family Business to An International Brand

The Spanish footwear brand, Gioseppo, started as a modest family business over three decades ago and is now an international company present in over 60 countries around the world. Learn more about how Amazon Pay helps them meet customer demand.

Gioseppo wanted to add a fast and secure payment method that would facilitate user purchases on its website. The company wanted a solution that was not only fast, reliable, and efficient but also improved the shopping experience for its users and increased conversions. The main objective of Luis Flores, the Director of Digital Business, was to improve the checkout process, a pivotal moment in the purchasing process.

After considering various options, Gioseppo decided to add Amazon Pay to its platform in 2019. According to Flores, the decisive factor at the time was “the ease with which a user can make a purchase.” Later on, Gioseppo implemented additional optimisations using Amazon Pay in its sales process, which helped increase the conversion rate and foster customer loyalty.

Amazon Pay, The Answer to The Payment Method Question

With Amazon Pay, Gioseppo got a significant boost in its business relationship with users since it does not require registration or input of bank details. Gioseppo seamlessly and quickly implemented the Amazon Express Checkout CTA in both the shopping cart and checkout processes. “All hurdles are eliminated at the crucial checkout point,” affirms Flores, and furthermore, “this has allowed users to pay through Amazon with just one click after reviewing their cart.” The convenience of this payment method swiftly propelled Amazon Pay to become the second most preferred payment option for customers.

According to Flores, it is a method that “has the benefit of being a fast, agile, and non-intrusive payment method,” which translates into considerable time savings during transactions. These qualities have not gone unnoticed and have been well-received by the customers of this Spanish brand. In fact, just a few years after its adoption, it currently accounts for “about 22% of the total transactions.”

Get Amazon Pay in Just Three Steps and Watch Your Business Grow

Like Gioseppo, businesses can add Amazon Pay as a payment option in three simple steps.

The peace of mind and security provided by solutions like Amazon Pay has allowed Gioseppo to focus on what truly matters in their business. In the case of Gioseppo, that means continuing to create quality footwear that customers can purchase quickly and with ease.