With Amazon Pay, you can delight consumers with a familiar, fast, and secure payment experience using information already stored in their Amazon account, while financial reporting, reconciliation, and settlement remain unified in Adyen.
How does it work?

Fast and easy integration

  • Jointly developed integration to ensure compatibility with Adyen’s payment system
  • Dedicated technical teams and a complete set of resources for a smooth integration process
  • View and reconcile Amazon Pay transactions directly with Adyen
  • Flows into your existing settlement process with Adyen

Top reasons to integrate Amazon Pay


Stay ahead of the curve

Keep consumers informed on the delivery status of Amazon Pay orders1 with Delivery Notifications via Amazon Alexa.

Seamless experience

Reduce friction with a familiar payment experience at checkout.

Help prevent lost sales

Address declines quickly with Automatic Decline Handling.

Ease of integration

Get up and running in no time, with a jointly developed integration that ensures elements are fully tested and capabilities work seamlessly.

Get started

Register your interest today and we’ll help you to get started with Amazon Pay in Adyen.
Possible with Pay
[1] Currently, Delivery Notifications can be enabled for only orders shipped by carriers outside of Royal Mail.