Interested in adding voice to your ecommerce channel strategy, but not sure where to start? 

A great way to get started with Alexa skills is by referencing the resources on, Amazon Pay also provides a demo store on GitHub, showcasing how you can integrate Amazon Pay into your shopping experiences on Alexa. If you still want more resources, you can register for the new AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder – a specialty certification, the industry’s first and only certification that validates your ability to build, test, and publish Alexa Skills

Alexa has also prepared a best practices guide for creating engaging, premium experiences on voice. Lastly, download Amazon’s introductory Alexa Skill builder’s guide and get started today. If you haven’t already, connect with your solution provider or agency, depending on your setup. If you are an individual developer, or a business that is doing it in house or by yourself, again, there is also a lot of great material at from a self-service perspective.

Introducing Amazon Pay Buyer ID

To provide a more connected shopping journey across channels, we’ve recently released Amazon Pay Buyer ID to help merchants recognise their Amazon Pay customers across web, mobile and Alexa channels. This feature makes it possible for Amazon Pay merchants to build truly connected and personalised experiences for their customers. Essentially, the Buyer ID is unique and specific to each customer, allowing merchants to identify return customers to help customise their shopping experience. Amazon Pay Buyer ID can help your customers in a number of ways, but here are two key scenarios worth considering now: 

  • Reorder - Customer can reorder Alexa items they have previously bought on web or mobile with Amazon Pay. They will launch the skill for their preferred brand and simply say, "Alexa, Reorder my last order", or they can ask, "Alexa, What was my last order?” 
  • Add to cart or wish list - “Customers can add to cart via Voice on Alexa. Simply open the skill and ask, “Alexa, add X to my cart/wishlist” and the items will be placed in your cart for purchasing. Merchants who use Amazon Pay Buyer ID can offer a seamless checkout due to reduced friction and deliver transparency into customer identity and cross channel behaviours that assist in delivering personalised experiences.

Learn more about enabling voice shopping.

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