10in20: Insight into the impact of AI and voice

Learn how AI-powered voice and connected commerce are transforming the consumer experience. All in 20 minutes.

44% of global consumers report they are likely to use voice services in at least some part of their shopping journey in the next three years. AI-powered voice experiences have the potential to change the retail experience in the coming years, but what does it mean for your business?

This January 10in20 webinar offers 10 insights into the impact AI and voice can have on the connected commerce experience.

What is 10in20?

It’s a monthly series where we cover one topic in 10 questions, points, or ideas, and we do it in 20-minutes or less. Why so short? We recognise your time is precious; we have condensed our thought leadership webinar series from the typical hour into 20 minutes.

10 ways delight the connected consumer

Below is an overview of the main points from our webinar and our connected commerce research. Our research offers some timely insight, to inform how and where your business can invest to provide relevant, connected experiences for your future customers. Fundamentally, customers want their shopping experience to be easier, more convenient, and more fun, if possible – voice commerce offers one way to appeal to the wants and needs of your everyday shopper.

  • The voices are growing louder.
  • It’s more than just tracking an order.
  • Convenience is king.
  • Enhancement, not replacement.
  • Voice is an always-on channel.
  • Consumers need to hear you.
  • Keep the private stuff private.
  • Signal trust at checkout.
  • Make purchasing easy, be where your customers are.
  • Build your influence.


Q: Have businesses started using Delivery Notifications and Alexa Skills? How do you recommend we get started?

A: A great way to get started with an Alexa skill is to implement with Amazon Pay. Here at Amazon Pay we work with a number of solution providers who help businesses get a jump start on popular skills like delivery notifications.

If you are interested in learing more about this, send us an email at AskAmazonPay@amazon.com with your specific requirements and we’d be happy to make introduction to one of the providers that can help you build an Alexa skill.

Q: I have noticed I am seeing lower conversion numbers on my site. How would you recommend keeping customers engaged and coming back?

A: We noticed this on our site too. We were driving more traffic through the higher part of the funnel then ever before and we made two big changes that drastically increased our conversion rate.

The first one, we added Amazon Pay to our site a couple of years ago and that was a huge change in our business. Amazon Pay makes up almost 25-30% of our total checkouts on our site. It’s been a huge help for our business. Adding that payment services as well as a few others has helped us increase our conversions.

The second tactic has been a strong retargeting strategy. With a larger volume of traffic going through our site, we got smarter with our retargeting, aligning each retargeting campaign with the needs of where every consumer was in their journey. We saw a huge uptick in our conversion rate by being smarter with each advertisement we were essentially paying for. Following that customer all the way through the funnel along with post-purchase advocacy and loyalty campaigns.

Q: If customers use Amazon Pay instead of creating an account on our site, do we still get access to their info, i.e. email?

A: I don’t know what every merchant’s specific scenario is, but the short answer is yes. The best way to get an answer to this question would be to reach out to one of our sales consultants. Send us an email at AskAmazonPay@amazon.com and we can setup a call and learn more about specific situation to answer your questions directly.

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