Note Magento 1 support ended in June 2020. We recommend you to migrate to Magento 2 and use the Amazon Pay extension for Magento 2. To migrate, follow the instructions on Migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2

Amazon Pay for Magento 1


  1. Sign in to your Magento admin.
  2. Click System, then click Magento Connect and then click Magento Connect Manager.
  3. In the Install New Extensions section paste the following extension key:
  4. Click the Install button and follow the instructions on screen.
  5. After successful installation, the CreativeStyle logo appears in the menu bar of your admin interface.
  6. Log out, and then log back into your admin interface.


Here you will find the basic settings that you need to incorporate Amazon Pay into your webshop. A detailed description of all the options can be found in the extensive documentation from CreativeStyle.

In your admin panel, open the module configuration under CreativeStyle ›› Amazon Pay and Login with Amazon ›› Settings.


In a new browser tab, open Seller Central with your Amazon Payments merchant account. To configure the settings, you will need the login details for Amazon Pay and Login with Amazon from your Amazon Seller Central account. You can find all the required data in Seller Central under Integration ›› MWS Access Key.

Your Amazon Payments account information

To automatically fill in the appropriate fields with the required data, please click on the button "Don't have a merchant account yet? Register here." Also use this button if you have already registered an account. This ensures that all the data that is relevant for the configuration is automatically transferred. Follow the on-screen steps to generate the access data.

In a new browser tab, open Seller Central with your Amazon Payments merchant account. Then navigate to Integration ›› MWS Access Key and click on "Copy your keys". Copy the entire contents of the popup window and paste it into the plugin backend. Next click on "Validate Amazon Payments account". Then save the settings.

General settings

Enable Amazon Pay

Use this option to enable Amazon Pay at your checkout.

Enable Login with Amazon

Use this option to enable Login with Amazon in your webshop.

Sandbox Mode

Disable this option to allow your customers to use Amazon Pay and Login with Amazon in your webshop.

Payment Action

Select the "Authorize" option.

Authorization Processing Mode

Select the "Synchronous" option.

Enable Instant Payment Notification

Enable this option so that your shop receives changes to the payment status in real time. At the top of the module configuration, click on "Click to reveal your Amazon Seller Central config".

The "IPN endpoint URL" is then displayed. Copy this and then log into your Amazon Payments merchant account in Seller Central. Go to the integration settings (Settings ›› Integration Settings ›› Merchant URL). Paste the URL here and save the settings.

New order status

Select the status to be assigned to new orders for which payment has not yet been received. As standard, you should select the value "Pending".

Order status on authorization

Select the status to be assigned to orders that are being processed. As standard, you should select the value "Processing".

Display Language

Select "Auto" to ensure that the Amazon Pay widgets are displayed in the customer's browser language.

Authentication Experience

Select "Auto" to ensure that the checkout display is automatically optimised to the end device.

Now save the configuration. The other options in the configuration overview allow you to change the design settings of Amazon Pay for your website as well as the email options if necessary.

Amazon Pay is now enabled in your webshop and the Amazon Pay button appears on the basket and checkout page. The Login with Amazon button appears in the login area.

Amazon Payments Marketing guide

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