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Register to get the Amazon Pay button on your site or app.

Note Buyers don’t need to register. During checkout, they use their existing Amazon account credentials.

Letter of authorisation

Your Amazon Payments merchant account is a regulated account that is used to receive funds processed through Amazon Pay and disburse them to you.Similar to banking institutions, Amazon is required by law to verify your personal, business, and banking information before you can use our service.

The primary contact is the person who manages your Amazon Payments merchant account. This person accesses the account, handles performance notifications, and conducts transactions such as disbursements and refunds.

During registration, you will be asked to confirm if the primary contact of your account is a legal representative of the business.

A legal representative is a person authorised to represent the business. For example the business owner, director, a person holding a senior management position, or a person holding a power of attorney. In the case of charities and non-profit organizations, a legal representative can also be a member of the board or a trustee.

If the primary contact is not a legal representative, you will be required to upload a letter of authorisation. By requesting a letter of authorisation, Amazon ensures that only authorised persons can manage your account and transact on behalf of your business.

The letter of authorisation must:

  • clearly show business name and point of contact name
  • be signed by a legal representative of the business
  • have an issue date of less than 180 days
  • be easily readable, the file size should be less than 10MB and can only be in the following formats: *.png, *.tiff, *.tif, *.jpg, or *.pdf.

We expect to receive a statement like the one below, or something comparable.