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Note Buyers don’t need to register. During checkout, they use their existing Amazon account credentials.

Tips to upload documents and get verified

When you create an Amazon Payments merchant account, we get your information and verify your identity.

This page provides guidance to successfully upload documents that are required for verification. It applies to people who want to register as a merchant from any country where Amazon Payments accepts registration.

New businesses (merchants) can be asked to provide additional documents. Businesses (merchants) whose account has been verified and who already use Amazon Pay can sometimes also be asked for an additional proof of identity.

If you need to provide a document, you can be asked for it during account registration, in Seller Central (where you manage your account), or via email. Check your emails regularly. Upload your documents via Seller Central.

Required documents

All documents must:

  • display the same information that matches info you use to register an Amazon Pay merchant account
  • be clear and not blurry
  • be high-quality and unobstructed
  • be scanned images, or taken from your mobile device (no screenshots)
  • display the full document page
  • not be expired, revoked, or closed (if applicable)
  • be in one of the following languages: English, Arabic, Chinese, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Dutch, Turkish, or Japanese. If it is not in one of these languages, provide a copy of your passport, your original document, and a notarized translation of your document in one of these languages.
  • be less than 10MB in size
  • be in one of these formats: *.png, *.tiff, *.tif, *.jpg, *.jpeg, and *.pdf. Do not include special characters in the file name (examples: $, &, or #)
  • be authentic and unaltered

Identity documents (IDs)

The identity document(s) required for each person depends on their citizenship.

The drop-down options will tell you which options are possible for you, such as: passport, driver license (depending on the country), or national ID. In addition to the above requirements for all documents, the ID must:

  • have a clear picture
  • be a government-issued identity document that is distributed and recognized by the country where you are a citizen or resident
  • display a name that matches the full name you use(d) to register your Amazon Payments merchant account
  • be in color (black and white not accepted)
  • for ID documents, where both sides of the ID are required, follow the instructions provided on the document upload page
  • have date of birth that matches the date of birth provided during registration
  • if submitting a passport or any other acceptable ID document, be sure it has your signature

Additional document(s)

The additional document(s) requested vary by country. An additional document (your customized options display on the registration page) can be a document that proves your business is valid, such as: business license, bank statement, credit card statement, or utility bill.


  • some companies/corporations/charities need to submit a government-issued national ID for the primary contact, and/or the beneficial owner or trustee
  • the name of the point of contact or company mentioned on the document should either match the primary contact name, or business name provided during registration
  • you can hide the transaction amount, but the document must remain intact
  • document must not be password-protected
  • do not provide a photo of your credit card or debit card

Ownership structure

When we ask you to provide your ownership structure, we expect to receive a document comparable to the example ownership structure below.

To complete the document:

  1. Add your business letterhead or logo to the document.
  2. Add your registered organization at the bottom level of your ownership structure.
  3. If applicable, add all other levels of your ownership structure above. And label different levels with "My business", "Level 2", "Level 3", and so on.
  4. For natural persons, enter the full name.
  5. For legal entities, enter:
    • Company name
    • Company registration number
    • VAT number (if applicable)
    • Country of registration
  6. Add all shareholders of the legal entities.
  7. Indicate the share each shareholder owns.
  8. Add current date and the signatory’s name and title.
  9. Sign the document electronically or in wet ink. The document must be signed by a legal representative of the business and dated within 180 days.
  10. Save the final document in one of the following file formats: *.png, *.tiff, *.tif, *.jpg, *.jpeg , or *.pdf. The final file must be less the 10 MB.

To upload your ownership structure, sign in to your Amazon Payments merchant account in Seller Central and go to Seller Account Information, then click Upload Required Documents and follow the instructions.

Bank statement

  • must contain the business address and show customer transactions
  • must be dated within the last 180 days
  • documents must show transaction activity, but you can black out the transaction amount
  • If the bank account is in the name of your business, the bank account name on the document must be the name of your business. However, if you have a sole proprietorship, the bank account name on the document must be the sole proprietor’s name.
  • bank logo, bank account number, business address, business name or point of contact (name of person to contact on behalf of the business), and bank accountholder name must be clearly visible

Business license

  • business name and details (address, registration number, and entity type) must be visible
  • the name of the legal representative or beneficiary owner should match the name of the identity document
  • address must match the business address entered during registration
  • must be valid for at least 90 days from the time of registration
  • must not be revoked or closed by the local government

Proof of address

  • name and address must be visible
  • could be a: water, electricity, gas, internet, telecom bill issued by the utility company, or a mobile phone bill (your options will display in a drop-down on the page)
  • If a utility bill for the given address is not under your name, provide a utility bill associated to the address used to register, and any other supporting documents that prove you are operating from that address, even if the bill is not under your name.
  • must be issued within the last 180 days

What to expect after you upload your document(s)

When you have uploaded the necessary documents and information, a ‘Thank you for your request’ message will display. You can close the tab on your browser.

After you submit documents, Amazon Payments will review your information, and might contact you for further clarification, if needed, within 4-7 business days. Contact will likely come via email. Check your emails regularly.

You can also use the credentials (email and password) you created during registration to sign into the account management tool for Amazon Payments merchants, called Seller Central. In this tool, a banner message, and upload instructions will appear if you need to provide additional documents.

If you need help or have any questions or issues related to registration and verification/document upload, contact Amazon Pay.

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